Friday, July 8, 2011

My week re-written

I found out that a dear friend from high school shares many of my interests. She was wearing a slave collar in a photo. I immediately recognized it for what it is. Imagine my excitement? A real life friend I can really talk too. Yippee. I don’t know that she is into DD but people who are involved in alternative lifestyles are typically more open to the idea of a husband spanking his wife.
Wiggles and giggles. It made a very long week just a little easier to deal with.
My week didn’t start going down hill until Wednesday evening. A line of high powered people don’t need the authority they have. With a one sided story, punishment was handed out to my husband, he was allowed to say nothing in his defense. So very wrong. All I can say is KARMA. What goes around comes around. I have noticed that people like that ruin themselves in the end. I don’t need to do anything to get my revenge. I get a ring side seat while they dig their own grave.
Yep. I have had a few days this week to remember why I like four legged furry critters more that most people. I can’t believe how the gossip mill has escalated what really happened. I can’t believe how much this whole incident has blown up. It is ridiculous.
Hate people. Love dogs.
My Dragon knows just how to put my mind at ease. Just before bed time he asked me a question.
“hot, warm or cool.”
It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was asking….. Think think think…..
A bubble bath! ! !
Hot! It has been a cool day.. Ok. It was in the 80s but after a string of days over 100 it felt positively cold to me.
He fixed a bath overflowing with bubbles! ! ! I sank down into the water with relief. The water went from a little too hot, to just right, warm and finally too cool to be comfortable.
When I finished getting ready for bed, Dragon led me to the bed. He folded the sheet down, stacked the pillows to his satisfaction and I knew what to do. I arranged myself over the pillows and he preceded to lower my stress level quite successfully.
One stinging swat after another, my body relaxed. I could feel my mind letting go of all the negative crap that hit so suddenly. He is there for me. He is head of this house. I had a firm reminder that it isn’t my job to worry. It is his job to shoulder these burdens. It is my job to be his wife. To love him and be there for him at the end of the day. My job is hard enough without taking on part of his.

Stinging swat after stinging swat. The paddle fell over and over again. Never too hard. Just hard enough to leave a good sting behind and remind me that he is mine and I am his. We made love. Tender. Gentile.
Bubble bath, paddle, love making. What a evening! I fell asleep in his loving arms.
I remember his arms around me as he whispered words of love into my ear. The next thing I remember is my great dane waking me seconds before the alarm clock buzzed. His huge nose less than an inch from mine. Giggles. It was a good way to start my day.
One more day to deal with before the weekend. I will say a prayer for my husband as he tries to resolve the issues he faces at work. I will work hard today to make his home a sanctuary for him. I want him to have a restful evening after a very long week.
Love my man.


  1. You have a great husband. I love the vigor in which you defend him. Nothing like coming between a mama and her mate, huh? Sounds like you are each taking care of the other's needs as best you can. Hope you have a great weekend...and can I just say, "Karma is SUCH a B#*ch!!"

  2. Thank you Kiwi, the best part of the story is that we don’t even know what he is being accused of. Funny isn’t it? Other than an @$$ chewing about everybody giving person X a hard time we have no idea. Karma is a witchy woman for sure. I looks like some of the problems are going to be addressed soon. I hope so.
    I love him so very much.

  3. Your relationship between you and your husband is so sweet. I hope things go better for him soon-I will say a prayer for him too! And it's great you have a friend you can talk to! That's awesome!

  4. I haven’t felt good all day. Fever and plain out yuck. Every time I tried to do anything, the kids sat me back down. “no mommy, you don’t look good” Fever spots, pale. My task of the day didn’t get done but it looks like I am forgiven. I am thankful I have an understanding husband.

    Sweetie, I am sorry I put the wrong name on the reply. Opps. Blame it on 50 mg of denadryl. It didn’t help but I had a nice long nap.

    Kay, I think it is going to get better. Thank you for your prayers. We need them right now. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have someone I know in RL that I can share my lifestyle with. The blogs are nice but an old friend is so much better.

  5. Problem solved with antihistamines and migraine meds. He was right. It was both. I thought it was one or the other. Wrong. I should have listened.
    I feel much better now that is bed time. :/ I'm wide awake....

  6. Glad you are feeling better Little Missie. I agree with K's sweetie, couldnt have said it better. IT will work out, you two are awesome, hope your weekend was better and keep us posted :)
    love and hugs xx

  7. Thank you Kiwi
    prayers today please