Sunday, February 5, 2012

lullaby of a spanko

See?  Now that i have spanking to write about, I am writing!

I couldn't sleep last night not at all.  Ok.  I haven't been able to get a good nights sleep for a while.  Stress is piling on.  Dragons change of career, a possible move, winter time home school.  Now I am designing my brothers wedding.  I think we are up to 15 outfits now.  You see, it is to be a themed wedding.  Not something you can go down to the local bridal shop and buy for.  They don't want it to look cheep and cheesy.   Going for an authentic historical feel to the whole thing.  The want to step into the pages of a story book.  

A little bit of pressure here?  Maybe?  I am very good at sewing for small children!  I can make a child's dress that will make you say WOW.  But fitting an adult is a little harder.  I will be working with silk, leather, linen, wool, velvet and upholstery fabrics.   Making his girls dreams come true.  At no small expense!  If I were getting paid for this, I could easily have a profit margin over $10,000.  Aren't I a loving sister?

A little stress there?  You think?  

Yep, it is stressful being a dream maker.

In the middle of the night, in dream land, I keep having ideas.  A question will pop into my head and I have to have the answer right then.  I head over to folkwear patterns or pattern review, do an internet search for a doublet or bracers.  Research fabrics or the thickness of that leather hide.  Will my machine sew that?  What will that look like?  Is that authentic?  How should I dress the men?  What about shoes?  

You see where this is going?

Dragon didn't spank me Friday night.  We had a good belly laugh instead that sent me off to dream land.  Last night we were both over tired and ready to go to sleep.  A good nights sleep.... right?  Wrong!  I kept going back to my computer to see how this would work or that would fit.   What about the neckline?  The sleeve?  Oh that will be too tight.  Have to alter that.  Oh good that will work.

Dragon woke up at 1 am to see me on the computer closely examining a photo of the sleeve.  He calmly got out of bed, walked around to my side and picked up 3 of his favorite paddles.

Him:  "My love, put down your computer.  It is the middle of the night. You should be sleeping."

Me:  But I won't sleep if you paddle me

Him:  Yes you will.  You aren't sleeping now.  I'll put you to sleep.  Roll over.  

He pulled my panties down exposing my bottom.  His hand brushed across my skin.  Then he began to pound  his favorite drum.  My backside.  The tempo was fast, the swats were light and stingy. The swats came slower and harder.  My body began to relax and the worries left my mind. 

Strange how that works.  My bottom really is the reset button.  When he crawled back into bed beside me, I curled up in his arms and was sound asleep in seconds.  

I am on my fourth cup of coffee.  I have been sipping coffee for about 3 hours now.  Feeling better.  Time for bible study and then off to do the inventory for my little sewing business.  I have got to get my taxes filed and soon!  Hoping to get a refund this year....


  1. I've only recently realized how well I sleep after. Glad you are feeling a big better.

  2. Thanks Susie
    I wonder if it would work that good every night? Nightly stress relief? Push reset before bed? Hmmm.

  3. I think we should patent this idea....... a cure for insomnia. Just imagine, this way I wouldn't have to wait on my money tree growing :)

  4. You are such a busy lady! It is truly amazing that our behinds make such wonderful reset buttons!

    So glad your Dragon was able to help in the sleep department!

    AAuugghh... taxes... we went to try to get our taxes done Saturday... what a nightmare!! Hard to fly like an eagle when your working with a bunch of turkeys!! Round 2 this coming week!

  5. Dee, If more people knew about our cure for insomnia, there would be no need for sleep aids!

    Mikki, I didn't even get inventory half way done. Not even close to ready for tax time.

    I asked Dragon to take care of the seat of the problem before bed time tonight. Hope it works two night in a row!