Saturday, February 25, 2012

D is for Distance

I am not the only one guilty of Distance.  Dragon is too.

The more applications he submits, the more time that passes without a yes answer, the more distance he puts between us.  I am trying to understand.  Trying to be the ever understanding wife but it is hard.

Those little things he did to show love and affection are gone for now.  He is obsessed with job hunting and not much else.  Oh, he does help Amber with her old truck.  They are trying to get it road worthy so she can have her own transportation.  I understand that.

I understand the obsession with job hunting.

I really, really do!

But I miss my kind, considerate husband.  The one who helps with laundry and takes out the trash.  I miss the man who loves to pamper me with bubble baths and cuddle.  I miss his gentile arms and thoughtful attention.

I am trying my very best to be supportive.  To be the attentive and understanding wife I should be.  It gets frustrating at times and a little overwhelming.    This is a huge transition for our entire family.  All any of us can do is our very best.

Things will get better when he has a job.  I hope.

ps.  I even miss his stern looks when I mess up.  I miss his firm hands giving me one last warning.  Can't say I miss P very much but I do miss my take charge man.


  1. Praying his job hunting goes well! That can be such a strain on a man.
    They take so much pride in it and take it so very personally.

    Hope things turn around soon.
    It's tough to be on the other side of it isn't it? I'm usually the one distancing, I don't know how I'd do if it was "H".

    I feel for you, it's very hard to be in the supportive role and not see much return. Things will change eventually, but the hardest part is being in the limbo part.
    Hang in there!

  2. Pretty much exactly what Emi said. I hope he finds something soon.

    Dee x

  3. Yeah, we've done this a couple times, all pre-Dd and they were stressful times. So much of their self-confidence is tied up in their ability to provide and even in getting dressed in the morning and going out to work. You have a great attitude but I know from experience that it ebbs and flows. Will be praying that the right job comes along very soon!

  4. Emi, thanks you for the prayers and keep them coming. I think he read my blog. He has been extra attentive the last two days. I know how hard this is on him. It is a bigger change than you can possibly know. More so than I can share in blogland.

    Dee, I hope so too. Fingers crossed.

    Susie, I try to stay positive but it is hard. The cracks in my self control show from time to time. I put a happy face on it and push forward.

    I didn't really expect to hear anything over the weekend. Still hoping for good news! ! ! He has applied to every homeschool friendly state. Praying for good news! ! !