Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have a plan (updated)

Hoping for sunshine so the kids can go for a LONG walk.  They can have an afternoon of sibling bonding.  I'll have the paddles lined up ready for his use and his favorite chair sitting in the bedroom.

Dragon says he doesn't take hints.

Do you think this is a bold enough hint?

We had a few flakes of snow this morning.  I can hope for a little sunshine this afternoon.  That has been the norm this winter.  Fingers crossed.

I need a good old fashioned spanking that I'll remember for a few days.  I am tired of feeling off.  Of never having time to "reconnect".  It is way past time for that to change.  We are both under a LOT of stress right now.  It is time for both of us to get the release we both need!

Check back latter.  I'll update this post.  Hopefully with a spanking story.

(no tiger stripes to post yet.  The last flogging ended in disaster.  He had sex on the mind and I had an intense scene on the mind and sleep.  I can't mix a scene and sex.  I feel so vulnerable after a scene.  All I want to do is curl up in the corner and process what just happened. He didn't understand and we slept back to back for the fist time in almost 2 years.  NOT GOOD)

Small update - Dragon is on his way home.  I gave up and asked.  After all, he doesn't take hints.  It is better be direct and let him play the mind games.

Late night update - The weather did NOT cooperate.  Figure that.  The snow was gone but it was still nasty.   I thought about going out to the garage but decided it just wasn't worth a frozen backside.  To make matters worse, we had another fight.  Pooh bear's school work is computer based.  I can track how much she does every day and check her grades.  For the last two weeks, I have just been asking her how much she got done and didn't check up on it.  Well...  She failed several tests and didn't say a word about it.  The 79 I let go but not the 60s or the 44.  I got on to her pretty hard.  Dragon said I was too harsh.  I disagreed and it turned into a fight.  Still don't see where I was wrong other than taking her word on her school work.  

We worked it out.  I had a good cry, no spanking, no punishment.  He helped me mop up the tears and hugged me until it was time to eat.  We ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen and the kids were sent off to bed.  And the fun started.  He didn't pressure me for sex this time.  Simple, to the point.  He used the thinner paddles for more of a sting.  They are louder but he knows I like sting more than thud.  With a few good swats with the thicker walnut paddle he was done.  No idea how many swats.

Not what I asked for.  It wasn't otk, he didn't deliver any memory swats but it was perfect.  I'm sleepy and relaxed now.  I think I can sleep tonight.  Hope so anyway.

Dragon has well over 50 applications in and has two more interviews scheduled.  I can hope.  keep praying for a job.  We have our eye on a few that would be "perfect".  Close to larger cities and opportunities to educate the kids.  


  1. Ah I'm sorry. I hope you manage to pull it off and get what you need.

    Dee x

  2. I hope you get the chance to reconnect!

  3. Dee, I may not get what I want but he is good about giving me what I need.

    Grace, I hope so too. This is getting old.

  4. You are both under so much stress. Interviews are promising! Those are hard to get.

    Glad you got some of what you needed and hope you had a great sleep. Have a good day today!

  5. Susie, I did sleep good. Love my man