Thursday, February 9, 2012


Is anticipation the worst part?  Knowing that you have earned a punishment and having to wait for it?  I don't even know for sure if Dragon is going to spank me.  He hasn't said anything.


I didn't think you even cared.  If you did, you should have said something when you forgot to put on your seat belt.  

Double Grrrrr

I did say say something.  That dang dinger in the car gave me away.  We were in the worst possible place for me to forget it.  Double trouble for Dragon.  AND he knows to remind me, yes?  You would think by now he knows of something is a little off in the car, I need a reminder.  He was on the cell phone when I picked him up for work.  I parked and moved over to the passenger seat.  He isn't usually on the cell when I see him.  He greets me FIRST, then checks his cell messages.  Not today and that threw me off.  Majorly.

This is bad, isn't it?  

Yes it is.  

That was it.  That is all he said and I let it drop.  Now I have no idea what is coming.

Waiting sucks.


  1. Yes it does and doubly so if you aren't sure how much trouble you are in. I hope he tells you soon!

  2. Now I know when. Dragon just left for a meeting. "P" happens when he gets home. Have to wait and see what he does now. The seat belt rule is one of the oldest rules we have. I have broken it several times but have not been spanked for it. Yet....

    Tonight I find out just how serious my laps was.

  3. Well, at least now you know when it will happen. Hope it isn't too bad :)

  4. Oops! I have a feeling the seatbelt issue won't be an issue anymore soon.

    Dee x

  5. Oh yes, the waiting and anticipation is so hard. Sometimes I just want to get it over with...until it's about to begin that is.

  6. Wow. I wish all punishments went the way this one did. About 200 gentile strokes with the flogger. My back is a little sore this morning but not bad.

    The flogger isn't for punishment, not ever. I guess he thought the worry was enough punishment. And no, I won't be forgetting my seat belt for a few weeks!

    Thanks ladies. Anticipation was the worst part. This time....