Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sometimes when the same old hurts are brought back up over and over again, years after they happened, it is hard to do.

Forgiveness is first a decision, then a state of mind and finally a condition of the heart.  Step one is to realize that people make mistakes.  People are only human and sin against God.  It is only expected that people will lash out at each other.  

It is easy to hate....

It is easy to grow bitter....

It is easy to lash out in anger and in pain...

It is so hard.  Just when I think I am getting my feet under me again, someone comes along and knocks them out from under me again.  Things I don't even remember the things this person is bringing up.  It was so long ago and should have been taken care of years ago.....

What is this?

I will pray for insight and understanding.  I will pray that this woman gets back on her meds soon.  She is crazy.  I will pray for her and with my prayer my decision to forgive will slowly come to be a condition of my heart.  

Time to dry my tears and put on my big girl panties.  One person holding a grudge against me will not ruin my day.  I am not the person she thinks I am.

Big Girl Panties Women's Boy Brief



    here is the link for the panties.... I think I may need a pair of these! ! !

  2. It's hard not to get upset when you feel like you're under attack. Forgiveness helps you to move on though, whether the other person does or not. I love the panties!

  3. Thank you Grace. The hardest part is to see the people I love hurt because this person hates me. Should I mail her a pair of big girl panties? I'm trying but it is hard.

  4. I'm real sorry! There are too many irrational people in this world. I hope you can find that forgiveness and are also able to heal and find comfort from the hurt.

  5. Susie, I found my comfort in Dragons arms and in prayer. I am in a better state of mind now. This person has been doing crap like this all of her life. It isn't anything I have done. It is who she is. Prayer to change my heart and to soften hers. That is what we both need. Thanks