Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is TTWD Sexy?

I ran across a post in Lea's Corner where she explores this subject.

Wheather or not you call what you do BDSM, D/s, M/s or DD is up to you.  That is more of the label game that  I have decided not to play.  When I try to explain the differences as I see them, people usually get mad.

What?  You ask a question then get mad when you don't like the answer?  I really don't care what you call your self or what label you stick on your lifestyle.  But this is not a rant.  Not today.  It is too pretty of a day to waist time on such boring subjects.

The question at the top of my post is what is on my mind today.

  1.  Is a strong, in control man sexy?  Absolutely.  I don't want a wishy-washy man who never seems to know his mind.  Nor do I want a man who lets me boss him around.  I like a man who knows what he wants but is also considerate, giving and kind.
  2. Should a man find his wife's body sexy?  I should hope so.  I know Dragon says that I am sexy.  
  3. Is it wrong for a man to find punishment sexy?  I don't think so.  Here he is in the most powerful position over me that I can imagine.  Me naked across his lap, in full submission.  Is there anything NOT sexy about that?  Personally, I would be hurt if he didn't get a little aroused in that situation. 
No he doesn't find my pain, sorrow or tears sexy.  I hope not anyway....

Corner time.  It isn't something we use or have tried.   I leave that kind of thing up to him.   It seems like it would be humiliating to be stuck face to the wall with a bare, red bottom.  And only for the enjoyment of the observer.  Her cherry red behind on display for his enjoyment...  Yep.  

Punishment isn't about humiliation?  Really?  How in the world can it be avoided?  I have NO ideas on this one.  To know that I have done something wrong, bad enough that Dragon feels the need to strip me of my dignity and put me across his knee?  That is very humiliating.  And for those husbands who use corner time in addition to spanking, yes, that adds to H factor.  

The purpose of punishment isn't to be sexy or to humiliate.  However, I can't see how they can be separated. Since we have officially been a TTWD couple, we are closer.  We talk more, make love more and yes, the sex is better.  I surrender all I have to him.  I freely submit to him and gives me back more that I could ever ask for.

My only wish?  To go back in time 18 year and discover the world of TTDW when we were newly weds.  Wouldn't life have been interesting and a lot less complicated?  Hmmm  mabye.


  1. Totally and absolutely agree! With every word!
    In my opinion, very well said Dragon's Rose! I do like blunt, straight to the point posts at times :)

    Dee x

  2. My hubby just read this and grinned...and agreed. The whole thing is simple and complicated and has many, many nuances.

  3. I have to say, that was an excellent post. Good job!

  4. Dee, Blunt can be good at times. Yes? Thanks! ! !

    Susie, I bet it was the same crooked grin Dragon game me when he read my post. And I agree, it is complicated.

    Ruth, Thanks for stopping by! ! !

  5. Susie, gave not game.... Uh oh, he has that grin on his face again. Time to put the computer to bed for the night....