Friday, December 2, 2011

Spam Not in a Can

I am talking about the kind that gets sent to this handy dandy folder that blogger provides for advertisers.  Has anyone else had an uptick in spam?  I am getting about one or two a day.  Pain is the @$$ is what i call it.  No way would I buy anything from a company that advertises that way!


Something else I consider spam?  Those people who come to my blog to slam my lifestyle.  I am not looking for approval.  Yes, I am Christian, kinky and my husband disciplines me on the very rare occasion.  I am not a victim of domestic violence, I assure you dear reader!

My children are not abused.  I do horrible things like changing the pass word on the router, putting the TV in the garage, boxing up all the DVDs.  If that is abusive then I guess I am a horrible mother.  School work comes first in our house.  All four of my children will tell you that I am not strict enough and let them all get away with too much.  I tend to error on the side of lenience to avoid any hint of abuse.

Any posts that attacks me or my family will be deleted .  I won't have it.  If you have an honest question, I will make an effort to answer it to the best of my ability.

But be for warned!  This is a Troll Free ZONE! ! !  

    green troll

Ok.   I feel sorry for this little guy.  I'll let him say.  But all other Trolls?

Keep Out  
No Trespassing!


  1. Sort of funny. My husband finally hit the wall with the anonymous comments yesterday. I've been too accommodating and I do believe he has decided that is ending. Sorry that you're getting nasties. Sort of sucks the fun out doesn't it. Flee Trolls!

  2. I have yet to get an anon comment on my blog yet. I hope I don't EVER get any.
    Sorry to hear you are being bothered! I think the trolls need spanked personally. *(wink wink)*

  3. Susie, I have locked my blog down before because of this mess and even changed the name from Missies Rose to Dragons Rose. It worked for a little while.

    Emi, You spoke too soon LOL And yes, I think they need a good hard belt spanking myself!

    Speaking of spankings, I am past due. But this wind is triggering my asthma. If I can't breath, he won't even give me a nice flogging. Grrr.

  4. Another post from Anonymous. Does anything on my blog say that I love shoes? NO! I WILL NOT BUY UG BOOTS. They are ugly. Ick.

    I do so love the delete button.

    One step closer to lock down blog style.

  5. Sorry you are having a problem with trolls. So far I haven't had any(said with my fingers crossed). They do make me wonder why they keep coming to our blogs if they are disturbed by this lifestyle. Personally I think they are more intrigued then they want to admit so they lash out as a way to suppress what they are feeling. My kids would say I am too lenient also, except when it comes to there education which is #1 priority for us.

  6. My blog is now on partial lock down. You will now have to type that verification word again and all comments will be moderated.

    Grrr. Hate this.