Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Project! (and another new rule)

Here is what I am making.  My family won't let me alter the sleeves.  I wanted to make them more fitted rather than pointed.  I am already altering it quite a bit.  I tried the long blouse (muslin fitter) on today with the slacks I made to go with it.  Love it.  The muslin for the jacket is ready to go.  I just need the silk to get started!

I am having fun with this one!  So tired after working in the sewing room today but excited!  Here is the link to  the pattern for those interested.  This is NOT for a beginner.

Ok, it isn't really a new rule.  I can't pout and I can't shut him out.  When he kisses me, I have to kiss him back and mean it!

I tried to refuse after a very intense "nap"  He got up, closed the door and asked me if I still wanted to refuse him.  He got his kiss and I didn't get paddled.  No more telling him NO.  


  1. Rather different? A unique style? I love different and unique :)
    Is it my imagination or is your Dragon upping his game a little bit more? :)
    No more telling him 'no' is a good thing isn't it :)

    Dee x

  2. I LOVE it! Very stylish and artsy. I'll bet you'll feel great wearing it, and I'll bet poeople will ask where you got it too! Cool! Sara

  3. It's beautiful! I sew as well and my husband prefers me to wear things that I make. I've enjoyed following this story line....sorry have been out of town sneaking my reading in but not being able to comment very often.

  4. Oooh! Thank you for posting. I just can't get things down when people explain them and a picture helps.
    I think I'd want to alter the sleeves too, I just can't imagine doing work in those long sleeves.
    With my crafting, I use a soldering tool, so I'd be burning those poor sleeves all the time! :)
    I'm sure it will look great though.

    You and I have funny coincidences -I was also recently told that I am not to say NO to a kiss... I'm not quite sure how serious he is on that though... after last night, he could be pretty serious. O_o

  5. Dee, I already dress a little off beat when I can. Never have been a conformist. Is he upping his game or stepping back up into the game? Either way, EEEkkkk

    Sara,wearable art is what I am going for. Thank you. Something fun to make and fun to wear! I always seem to be a few years ahead of fashion trends. What I wore and made two years ago is just now showing up in Vogue.

    Susie, Thank you. I understand. The holidays can make it hard!

    Emi, You are welcome. I won't be cleaning house in that shirt or working in my sewing room! No way. I would cut the sleeves to pieces!

    LOL I think our husbands must be taking.

  6. Ooh, I wish I could sew like that! It's lovely.

  7. DR, Just getting caught up here, what a beautiful outfit, I bet you look drop dead gorgeous in it. That is a wonderful talent you have.

  8. The fabric has been purchased. WOW am I happy we get very good discounts from this store. This isn't going to be cheap. Owch

    it isn't the green and cream I had originally chosen but I love the new colors too.