Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poor Dragon

I have been sick off and on for the past few weeks.  Not wanting to eat or move.  My poor Dragon.  I know he has to be wondering if this is an Ana crisis or depression.

No, I really am that sick.  Yuck.

Needless to say, DD has been almost non existent, other than a few threats to make me move.   Even when I have clearly earned a “barn burner” nothing happens.  Dragon is handing out mercy in huge portions lately.  I had to ask didn’t I?  Just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I asked Dragon if he had given up his spanko ways.

It feels like it has been forever since I had a nice pink bottom.   (ok, not so long ago but it feels like forever)

This morning he took care of that!  Before he left for work, he picked up a paddle and made my backside a nice rosy color.  He made sure I wouldn’t forget those swats for a few hours.   It happened so fast I didn’t have time to identify the species of wood.   That man can move!  Wowchy!

Ps tonight I think I may have found the cause of weeks of nausea.  Reflux.  I was feeling a bit frisky and in the process of seducing my husband when acid came rushing up my esophagus.  It burned soooo bad.  Talk about killing the mood.  Yuck!   It still burns.  I think I am going to the doctor for this.  It is miserable.  My throat feels raw.


  1. So sorry you're still not feeling well. It casts a cloud over things doesn't it, at times. I hope you get to the 'bottom' of it and feel better soon :) Hope you guys have a good Xmas.

    Dee x

  2. Ongoing nausea is exhausting. I sure hope your doctor can sort it out quickly.

  3. Dee, we will have a great Christmas, we are together this year! What more can I ask for?

    Susie, My doctor left so I'll have to find a new one. But I have to do something. My throat still hurts from last night. NO fun at all.

  4. Try prilosec. It will not hurt you and it is over the counter. If you get any relief it will be better than suffering over the holidays.

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks Will, I'll try it. Zantac isn't helping as much as i would like.

  6. Dragon's Rose, I take prilosec too, it helps immensely. Feel better soon.

  7. at $30 a box that will wait until another payday.