Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seasons Changing?

I had a post all typed out and spell checked. Approved by the Dragon.
Something is wrong with my poor old computer. It keeps shutting down at inopportune times. One more thing on my plate.
The theme of several blogs I have read fits right where I am. Seasons changing.
I wish this was simply a seasonal change but this is more like an intergalactic move. My husband career is ending. It is something we have planned for, worked for and looked forward to. But…. Not it is here.
For the first time in our relationship a job isn’t a given. It is a maybe. For the first time we have to job hunt. The house will have to be sold. (in the middle of a major recession?) We will move yet again to a new state and start all over. Most of our furniture will go to charity. I’ll clean out all the closets to the bare minimum.
I love the change from cold, hard winter to warm and renewed spring. I can’t see these changes like that. I can see that we are the winter. I can see things winding down from fall. The last of the leaves have fallen on this old life. A few months of winter and then it is time to begin our new lives.
Where will we live? Will we be able to provide for the kids? What will the home school laws be like in our state? Will we be near an ice rink? Music teachers? Will we have a yard or have to spend months living in the camper again?
Yes I am a little worried. I don’t do change very good at all. I’ll have to put on my big girl panties and handle this like I have every thing else. Lace up my running shoes, drag out the elliptical and find the yoga mat. My Bible will be close at hand with a prayer on my lips. The paddle will live beside the bed, ready at a moments notice.
One step at a time.
one second at a time.
I can do This
God is in the drivers seat
My oldest comes home for a short time tomorrow. Yes. I’m nervous about that too. Dragon made sure he would have half the day off to go to the airport with us. I’m not sure if I am happy to have her home. Everything is peaceful with her out of the picture. Quiet. All the drama is minor.

Wish me luck and say a prayer. I’ll present a happy face to the world. My prayer is that the smile is genuine and not a clown face.
(it doesn’t help that Dragon looked at job listings in his career field and only found 3 positions nation wide.)


  1. That's a great deal to have on your plate, and you seem to be facing it with courage. I will be sending good thoughts your way! Sara

  2. Prayer's for you and he and job finding and changing!

    AFA Homeschool laws are concerned - I cant speak for any other states - but Texas is likeliest the EASIEST - the rules state, almost verbatim - that you should "make an effort to teach your children reading, writing and arithmetic" Florida is pretty easy too, yearly evaluations but nothing invasive.

    ~The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you~

  3. Sare, one step at a time. Thanks

    Queen sub. I have homeschooled in several different states. It hasn't been that bad. When he really starts looking for a job, I'll open the HSLDA map on my computer. He will list off the states and I'll tell him yes or no. We have done this a few times. It seems like it would be easy by now.

    Thank you for your prayers. This move is different from all the others. This one will be life changing. Everything will be different and everything will still be the same.