Friday, August 5, 2011

Is DD a Christian Thing?

Another topic covered in the anti DD article
For me that is an easy question to answer. Yes and No
Submitting to my husband is Biblical.
The roles of a husband and wife are right there in the Bible, printed in black and white. I can’t tell you how other relationships work but I can tell you about mine. When we follow the Biblical model, marriage words like it should. He is the HOH and I submit to his authority. He is not a tyrant. When he makes a decision, he considers all aspects first. What is best for our family is most important. He looks at what he wants and as well as what I want. It isn’t a one sided, legalistic “my way or the highway” deal. We discuss all sides of an issue and then a decision is made. My wants, needs and opinions matter to him. No, I don’t always get my way.
Domestic Discipline is not Biblical.
We consider ourselves to be New Testament Christians. We study the teaching of Jesus and his disciples. It is our guide to life. I have not found one verse that specifically tells a husband to spank his wife. Parents should spank children. And owners should whip slaves. No mention of husbands spanking wives. The Bible says what it says. To add to it is wrong. Adding rules that aren‘t there is what the Pharisee did. And we know that is wrong. Is DD “Christian”? yes and no I don’t think it is unchristian or sinful. It simply is not Biblical
Ok. What do we have now? It isn’t Biblical but isn’t unchristian either. A husband spanking his wife simply isn’t mentioned. Where do we go from here? I would say back into history and tradition. The thought of a husband as HOH and spanking his wife was not always though of as a bad thing. It was common place 100 years ago. 50 years ago it was not unheard of. I know for a fact that my father-in-law has spanked his wife once or twice. I wonder what he would think if he knew his son spanks me??? I can almost see is mustache twitching with silent laughter and approval.

I have a tight deadline with a sewing project. It should have been done weeks ago. I’ll work on a researching spanking, traditional roles and the feminist movement in history latter. When I’m not working against the clock. Time to turn on a movie and make my needles fly.


  1. *happy sigh*

    After having been away from any sort of D/s, BDSM, DD, ANYTHING for over 4 years now, your blog is a refreshing, relaxing read!

    I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

  2. sub and Queen,
    Welcome to my little corner of blogland and thank you.

  3. I agree- I do not think it's mandated by scripture..and I don't like it when I see people twisting the bible in such a fashion to make it seem so. But I do not think it's wrong either.
    I hate to think of women being abused under the umbrella term CDD but I'm sure it happens.

  4. I adore this post. It's exactly what I think too. Sometimes it's hard to find someone who is just so clear about it.

  5. Alice, thank you very much for stopping by. I tend to say what I think and that is just what I think about this DD thing we do. Welcome to my little corner of blog land!

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  7. thank you Alice! ! ! I'll stop by for a visit! ! !