Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Punishment Vs Stress Relief

The best way to tell you is to tell you about a RL experience.

Punishment - an argument over nothing

We were putting printed sheets into page protectors. Over 200 of them. I worked with one binder. He worked with the other. He didn’t put enough page protectors in his binder . I noticed he was running low. It is hard to add them after the binder passes a certain point. I took a handful of pages out of mine and handed them to him.

Well…. He snapped at me. “Mr. professional binder stuffer” informed me that he does this every day at work and he knows how to do it.


I didn’t mean any harm. Just trying to be helpful and trying to get my books in binders.

Yep. I spa napped back and ended up storming out of the room.

“Come back here right now!”

NO! I’m done with this. You are the expert. You stuff the D@#$ things yourself.

Missie, NOW!

NO! I’m done! This is stupid!

I had just enough time in the bedroom to calm down a little when he decided it was time to take care of the seat of the matter. MY BACKSIDE! OOPS Maybe I shouldn’t have slammed the door and acted with SO much disrespect.

Missie, drop your jeans and put your hands on the bed.

No! (not a shining moment for me. You think?)

Now! This is not up for discussion. Most of our argument are over stupid stuff like this. You are going to pout all day if I don’t take care of this.

I dropped my jeans but left my panties in place. One little small bit of defiance left. He place my hands on the bed and the first swat landed right on the sit spot. WOWCHY. OH NO I didn’t let it show how much that hurt. Heck no. He gave me about 10 -15 good hard swats before he was done. No warm up. No break. No petting. No contact other than the paddle. Miserable.

I was a mess when he finished. I couldn’t look him in the eyes when he demanded it. I couldn’t accept his soothing words or loving arms. I was angry, hurt, sad and trying to figure out what just happened. He left me alone in the room to pull myself together. We still needed to cook supper and I needed to work in the sewing room. He was right. I would have pouted for days. He was right. It was a stupid silly fight. Even if I didn’t start it, I shouldn’t have been so disrespectful. It wasn’t fair that he started it and ended it but life isn’t fair is it?

I went right into his arms. He whispered words of love into my ear and we prepared a very nice meal for our family. The fight was ended.  No guilt, no pouting.  Over.

Sunday stress relief

Our weeks are filled. Hardly anytime to spend as a family. Monday-Thursday our days go from 5 am to 10 pm. Run run run. Classes, lessons, library, work. Full speed. Just a little stressful. Sunday morning I asked for a stress relief session.

Not sure where the day went. We didn’t go to church. Didn’t have home bible study. Not much family time. The weather was bad. We don’t get much rain up here in the north west but the wind can be nasty. That means, no privacy for mom and dad. NONE. I helped the girls clean their room and the boys put up the trip work on the newly painted walls.

At bed time, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was hurting and tired. But I hear something to got my attention. Bath salts hitting the bottom of the tub. When the water hit the salt, the scent of lavender filled the room. I was hooked. No spanking tonight. I get the royal treatment.

He undressed me and helped me into the tub full of bubbles and retrieved my ice water. When my hands and feet were waterlogged and wrinkled and the bath water was getting too cool, I let the water drain. He came in to help me step out of the tub and wrapped me in a towel. I reached for panties but he led me to the bed.

Lay down on your tummy.

Here I thought I was getting out of a spanking. But oh no. He just wanted to ease the aches and pains of the day before he began. He surprised me by starting with the floggers. The softest doe skin flogger hit my back like a gentile rain of leather. He moved on to the heavy elk flogger that is all thud. Then on to the thick cow hide. That thing bites. Owche. He started with a good long warm up and built the intensity so slow that it felt wonderful.

He moved from my back to my backside. Out came the paddles. He used each one in turn. He didn’t go as easy with paddles. I felt every swat. He even used Thing 1. You better believe I noticed when thing made contact with my already stinging backside.

When my skin was a nice cherry red and every muscle in my body relaxed, he put his tools away. He held me close. I slept in his arms skin to skin.

Punishment vs. Stress relief?
As different as night and day.


  1. that is a very well worded and accurate comparison. Well said Little Missie's Rose. Thank you :) I may just get hubby to read that one too so he can understand more the difference between the two.
    Keep posting :) xx

  2. Little Missie,

    Yes, there is a big difference, and I have found that the more I get maintenance, the less I get punished. Nice post!


  3. kiwi, thank you. I get asked how spanking can be a punishment when I like it. Easy! There is a huge difference!!! Share away!

    Kady, That is true for me too. When I get stress relief sessions two times a week, I don't usually get punished at all.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  4. Oh geez that sounded nice. The punishment sounded like what I just went through but under the guise of maintenance. The stress relief I wish was more building like yours. Also had that but not as good and it too went under the guise of maintenance.

    Yours sounds blissfull. But I should remember grass is not always greener. There was blissfull stuff around mine.

    Isn't wonderful though that you have both options? They exists? It's not a dead art for you or a monotonous one?


  5. CG it is good to have options. I have a good man. I don't always react with a blissful state of mind.

    I share my grass seeds and gardening advice here in little missies rose. May your grass grow tall and green. :P