Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there! ! ! !

My husband didn’t have to be a father at 20. He met a girl in EMT school. She was too skinny, wore a wedding band and worried about a little baby girl. I didn’t take him long to figure it out. The ring was a shield. Her armor to keep men away. She was hurting and afraid. So thin because all her money went to take care of the baby. There wasn’t much left to feed herself.

Every day that class met, he gave her his phone number and asked her to call. She said she didn’t have a phone. He didn’t understand why she couldn’t use a friends phone to call if she wanted to. He was persistent.

She worked long hours and studied hard make passing grades. With a sick baby, she didn’t have the energy to take care of her own yard. So, she decided to let him come over and help out. Maybe if he is willing to help out around the house, he is worth keeping around.

He came over as soon as he got off work. The young mother was so tired. He walked the floor with the sick baby while she took a nap on the couch. He alternated holding her and holding the sick baby. He changed diapers. Didn’t complain when baby got sick all over him. Washed baby sick clothes and cleaned house.
Hmmm. This one looks like he may really be a keeper.

18 years ago that young mother opened her heart one more time. It was a decision she didn’t regret.
He didn’t have to be a father. He didn’t have to step up and take responsibility for a ready made family but he did. I love him so very much.

Happy Fathers Day My Love

PS The grass didn’t get cut that day but he cut it on his next off day. Then he filled her kitchen with $200 in groceries. Yep he was a keeper.


  1. What a great Story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, fab story, loved it. Love your posts, keep posting :)

  3. Mate, It is a love story and best of all it is mine.

    kiwi, Thank you and thanks for stopping by! ! !

  4. Are you trying to make me cry? Wow! What a. Man of depth and character. As you said, a real keeper. How wonderful that you saw what he was made of right from the start.

  5. I’m sorry Stormy, I didn’t intend to make you cry. He is a keeper! ! ! ! The last 18 years have not always been easy but anything worth having is worth fighting for. He says I am his little china doll with the temper of a kitten. I guess that would make him a kitten tamer? It took his gentile spirit and persistence to chip away at my armor.

    Time to cut the grass. I take care of the yard and he cooks. Fair trade.