Monday, June 13, 2011

A little about me

So what kind of woman asks to be spanked? Who would want this lifestyle? I do for one. Here is a glimpse of who I am every day in real life.

*I have four children. The girls are 18, 14 and 12. The one boy is 9.

*I met the love of my life September 1993 and married him September 1994.

*I home school my children out of necessity. I have been told by a school teacher that I am doing a better job teaching my children than any school ever could. That is the highest compliment any home school mom could ever get.

*I love all kinds of music. Classic rock, pop, disco, heavy metal, hair, country, classical, jazz, big band and last but not least! Christian music!

*Politically I am a moderate. Both the Demarats and the Retards are too extreme.  Nor do I like the tea baggers.

*Hobbies. Sewing tops the list, the history of fashion and fabrics, gardening, cultivating my beautiful roses, animal rescue, dog training and rehabilitation, camping, hiking, bike riding and ice skating. (considering ice hockey just for fun) I almost forgot one. Reading!

*I love a little kink mixed in to give our relationship more flavor. After all, who wants vanilla everyday? Ropes, dildos, plugs, leather, floggers, clips, fire, knives and the violet wand.

*I am an exhibitionist but only in the appropriate places.  Never around children or those who may be offended. 

*I am actively involved in our local kink community. It is the one place being a spanked, submissive wife is acceptable. Christians are not usually accepted but for some reason I am. Don’t know... am I different for most???

*Figging. He loves the effect it has on me. I hate that burning, hateful plug shoved up my dark secret place. I beg and plead but it does no good. I submit to it and he removes it when he is ready. He will use it for punishment in the future. Can I hide under the bed?

*I am spanked for both punishment and pleasure. They are both very different. I am a pain slut but there is NOTHING erotic about a punishment spanking.

*I am a Christian but find that I don’t fit into any church or denomination. As a family we are too conservative in some ways and too liberal in others.

*I worship and praise God with all my heart! And I play just as hard!

*I love long motorcycle rides. I just wish we had two bikes.

*I don’t march to the beat of the drummer everybody else hears. I dance to my own music and love life.

*I am currently attending a church but taking my time before I get too involved. Christians can be some of the most hurtful, judgmental people around.

Did I forget something? Ask!

Lessons a mother and daughter learned this summer

*Some men are just plain out evil
*no matter how hard you try, you can’t change a man
*love should never make you feel dirty or used
*look for a man who loves Christ first!
*don’t get advice from those who don’t love Christ
*don’t get advice from people who have not had a successful relationship
*mom and dad aren’t as dumb as we look to an 18 yo teenager.
I hope these are the lessons my baby girl learned anyway


  1. Little Missie,
    You sound like someone I would enjoy being around. We do have alot in common. I have 7 kids, 5 girls, then 2 boys; the girls are 26, 24, 20, 18, 16, and the boys are 14 and 12. I homeschooled until this year, and I just graduated my 18 yr old homeschooled daughter off last week. I used to teach sewing, I love to scrapbook, I play the piano in my church, and I am kinky.

    Thanks for letting us get to know you better.


  2. Kady you are welcome and thank you for sharing a little about yourself. It is rare to find someone I have so much in common with. :) Maybe we will get to meet in RL one day.

  3. Loved reading about you..thanks for sharing it. :)

  4. I know what you mean...some Christians are just mean, but then again some atheists/agnostics can be mean, also.

    I don't know how kinky I am, but I don't mind reading about it, lol!

    Daddy and I have 10 children and I homeschool(6 boys and 4 girls). Only 7 children are still at home...the youngest is 6 next month.

    I'm relatively new to blogging. Started towards the end of April...had never read any blogs before that.

    I live in the to watch the birds, go swimming in our lake, go running(ran a 1/2 marathon last year in a little over 2 hours).


  5. Stormy, You are welcome

    Kitty, I think most people do like a little kink in bedroom. Most people are just too shy to say so.

    Thanks for stopping by

  6. Little Missie,

    My "problem" is I think too much, lol! I'm sitting here thinking, "Am I kinky or not?" How do I know? I mean what is the definition of being kinky. For all I know, I could be kinky, but just don't know that I am:).