Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Since I objected to calling that weekly, just because spanking mantainance, Dragon decided to give it a new name.

A tune-up.

Further proof that TTWD is finally back.

I almost forgot to take my morning asthma meds again!  An hour late, I took them but I didn't forget!

We are busy this morning. Running around, rushing for no reason in a near panic.  No real reason for the panic.  It just is...

Dragon decided to take it to the seat of the problem with a tune-up.  Off to the garage we went.  Bare bottom, over the chair and not his lap.  He says that he gets a better swing that way.


I lost count of the swats.  Since it wasn't a punishment, I got a short warm up.  But wowza did that ever sting.  On an already sore bottom, Dragon made sure I had a sore reminder to behave.

This is after a long, fun scene last night.

I am not sitting comfortably today and I have a huge smile on my face.



  1. Glad your smiling, it looks good on you.

    1. Wish the smile had lasted. Dragon got attacked by a swarm of wasp. 8 bites and he is allergic to them. I had the epi pen ready but benadryl did the trick.

      PS. My backside is still sore. Happy face for bed time.

  2. Tune up. That's the perfect name :-)

  3. So happy you two are connecting so to come and 'hear' the joy in your 'voice'. Way to go Dragon! :D

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I just hope we can keep this up. Fingers crossed.