Friday, July 11, 2014

Drama? What Drama?

I am very happy to have missed it and no, I am not curious about the cause.  I declared blog land to be a stress free zone several years ago.  Even before Dragon retired from the military.  I am selective about the blogs I follow and don't even read all of those.

There is a meme going around Facebook but I don't know how to share it here.  It keeps me sane. Sometimes.

Not my circus
Not my monkeys

I ignore the rude people on Facebook.
Remind my oldest daughter that her love life is not my business.
And in blog land, read selectively.

So for this drama trauma I will remain blissfully ignorant.  I am not even Switzerland on this one.  Just keeping my head down while the monkeys throw their shit.

While everyone else was worried about internet drama I had a great day.  Dragon replaced the breaker box in our camper and we cleaned like crazy.

When we moved,we lived out of the camper for several months.  It stayed closed up for almost two years.  Trust me, after living in a camper with 4 kids,3 dogs and a cat, you don't want a summer camping trip for a while.  We took a peek a few weeks ago and nearly cried.  Mice can do a LOT of damage.

It is a pop up camper with tent sides and beds at both ends.  There was a nest in the middle of the mattress, holes in the tents, stains on the curtains and two sets of curtains were so damaged that I couldn't salvage them.  We stressed over the damage for weeks but finally decided to give it a good scrubbing and see how bad it is.

We scrubbed, swept, shampooed and inspected every inch of that little camper.  It took us all day.  Everything was wiped down. The dishes washed. Shelf liners replaced and mouse nests evicted!

The verdict?

We found enough tent patches in our stash to patch the holes in the tents. One mattress has some minor damage.  The window curtains have light damage.  They need it be replaced but will do for now.  The privacy curtains over the beds took the most damage.  I an going to salvage the clips used to hang them up and make new ones. With the new breaker box, the air conditioner works again,the battery is charging and we have lights.

The camper is useable!!!! (Several thousand dollars to fix it right. That will happen but not this summer)

Fingers crossed that Dragon gets a few days off in a row. Prayers that the truck is still chugged along.

We have scouted out a few camp grounds and state parks.  I am so ready for a vacation.  We need some down time.

Hope my rant didn't come across ugly.  I don't know what I would do without blog land.  I need my little drama free space.

Hugs to all those who were hurt by this most recently blow up.  These things do blow over.  They go away and life goes on.  One blogger left that I follow.  I sure do hope the rest of you stick around.


  1. Hope Dragon gets those few days in a row. It will be good for you to get away.

    1. Probably not but I can still hope. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer or two

  2. I've only been reading fantasy Friday because my life has been ooo so crazy.. but lastnite I decided to read more and read the drama.. seems to happen to me like that.. lol to your daughter about the boyfriend stuff on fb..I rarely read that it comes to be the HS hang out... glad the camper was restored some.. big hugs. and good to see you

    1. Good to see you back in blog land!!!

  3. I am so happy to hear it wasn't too bad after all, but it is incredible how much damage those little critters can do. And I can totally understand not being able to even think about wanting to camping just yet after living in it for a while. Have a great time!

    1. Dragon is buying fabric for new curtains as I type!!! I like to keep these simple. Yippee.

  4. Hey Rose...happy to hear that most of the camper was salvageable. Hope Dragon gets those few days off in a row so that you can have a mini vacation.

    LOL regarding your daughter. What I have told my kiddos and my mom since she started dating is..."that's on a need to know basis and I don't need to know!" :D

    I have the circus/monkeys meme in jpg form. If you want it, let me know and I will be happy to email it to you.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Whether or not dragon gets the time off the camper will be ready to go. I am working on restocking supplies and making repairs. Fabric for the curtains is on the way and the screens still need to be patched. I just couldn't get modivated today.