Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Punishment

The first one in a VERY long time.  I confessed knowing what Dragon would do.  He is punishing me because it is what I need and because it will benefit both of us.

Pre spanking.

I know it is coming but I'm not nervous.  This isn't an erotic or fun spanking but I am aroused.  My backside tingles in anticipation.  Eat, get the kids and animals put to bed and then we take care of businesses.

 I am doing this entry a little different.  It is going into a draft folder until latter.  It is getting written in stages. Before, the actual spanking, after and the next day.   Not sure if I am going to share this one.  I'll have to wait and see.

Sunday night was a bust. We had a very busy day and had no interest in spanking but the love making sure was nice.  Even had some extra fun sprinkles on top.

Monday after supper, Dragon led me to the garage.

It was time.

No preparation.
No anticipation
Just down to businesses

 I still didn't get nervous. Just a bit shy when he told me to drop my pants.  I don't know why that is worse than completely nude but that puddle of fabric around my feet brothers me.

He pushed my panties down and placed my hands in a chair.  OTK is reserved for fun.  5 swats and none of them gentile.  Not the worst I have ever had.  Then one more because I forgot my asthma meds when I left the house.

No huge scolding.  Dragon is more of the strong silent type but the message came across loud and clear.  DD is not gone.

My backside has that after spanking ache that I have missed so much.  I know this has to sound crazy but I hope there is more to come.  :-)

The Morning After

My backside is just a little sore.  Walking around is fine but I feel it when I sit in our kitchen chairs.

No drastic after effects for this one but I didn't go into it emotional.  It was matter-of-fact tending to business.  Cleansing, good, humbaling but not earth shaking.

This morning, over breakfast, Dragon let me know that there is more to come tonight.  Another spanking on an already sore bottom.  (Those swats were as gentile as a lightening strike). I can choose what kind of spanking I get by my actions today.

Yep, all I had to do was let him remember how good dd is for both of us.

He is back!!!
Domestic Discipline is back
Fun, just because spankings are back

I miss the floggers but it is probably a good thing that they are out of service.  Paddle, rod, belt or hand on the backside. That is the only choice right now.  No feel good flogging.  A bare bottom spanking always comes with a extra level of submission that flogging is missing.

Call me crazy but I asked Dragon for help with something else.  I keep forgetting my asthma meds.  I procrastinate then it is to late in the day.

I feel much better when I am 100% consistent with the meds.  I notice a difference with even just one missed dose.  So it has become an accountability issue.  Just like seatbelt use.  No warnings, no second chance and no excuces.

I asked for it and with the look on Dragon's face, he has no problem taking it to the seat of the problem.  My memory mysteriously improves when my bottom is on the line.

Time to get busy.  I need to work on the curtains and inventory the kitchen.

Today is starting out great.


  1. Loved reading this....there is no better way to make a point....and make it stick...than with wood on a bare bottom. I bet you are both happier...
    hugs abby

    1. Even if I don't like it, I agree. Confessing was the hardest part.

  2. Remember the meds and get going on those curtains, you know you have been procrastinating. lol

    1. Even after I wrote this, I was late with my meds. Grrr. The sleeping bags are in the camper and finally out of the living room. Now to work on those curtains. Yes. I am STILL procrastinating. No, I really don't want another punishment but but but

  3. It looks like he gave you just what you needed.


    1. Yes he did and there is more to come. My backside is still sore. Yikes

  4. Hey Rose...I sure do love the sound of your voice in this post...you sound so happy. You are so right...it is definitely a mystery how much memory can improve when your bottom is on the line...been there. LOL

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Big smile on my face tonight. The trip to the garage was all pleasure. :-)