Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day

For the first time EVER, Dragon has the day absolutely off.  He isn't on call anywhere. No mandatory parade, no fire works show to prepare for.  It is great.  We don't even have plans to go visiting.  Just staying home.  A quiet day.


I am holding up okay.  Had a few moments of tears but still good.  24 years ago when I was 18 years old and fresh out of high school my mom woke me up.  I was living with my grandmother and had just finished my second day at my very first grown-up job.  I thought it was strange that my mom was there but I wasvery happy to see her.  I had no idea something was wrong.

 That was July 1st.

My father had passed away the night before.  I knew he was in the hospital but he told me that it was going to be okay.  I believed him.  He tried to get out of bed on his own and fell. The fall caused a brain bleed.  There was no stopping it.  He only lived a few more hours.

I don't know why it still hurts so much. This year is better than most.  My little car makes me feel like I have a little part of him right here with me.  When it gets hard, I just go sit in the passenger seat and remember how much he loved me.

Watermelon, something cooked on the grill and sparklers.  It will be a good day.  My family will be together.  I think my oldest has other plans.  That's okay. We will have a better day anyway without her attitude.

PS she finally left her pos boyfriend.   With her, I'll take any good news I can get.


  1. So very happy that you and Dragon have the day together Rose! I am happy that you have found a way to feel closer to your father. Wishing you all a safe and fun holiday. Congrats that your daughter got rid of the jerk...sending prayers and positive energy that she doesn't take him back!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. I hope you and Dragon have a lovely day together, Rose. I love quiet, together, type of days. Don't get many.

    Difficult teenage offspring - hmmmm. We literally went through the blender with our kids, especially our daughter. All I can say to you is that eventually they turn into caring supportive adults and become wives/husbands and good parents themselves. You just have to hold your temper and keep you cool and hope that they have learned your values.

    I am sorry you still feel sad when you think of your dad. I know I try to remember my parents and all the happiest times we had together. I still feel envious when folk my age talk about their parents, as I never had the chance to witness my parents being around and watching my own children grow up.

    Many hugs