Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Amazon is great.  LOVE IT!!!

Hermione's post about the dogging bat sent me on a search.

First was the dogging bat.  Yep, they have it for $13. Riding crops, paddles, floggers.Oh my.  They even have the NJoy plug I have been lusting after.  Bamboo spoons of all shapes and sizes, birch bundles, an endless selection of spatulas.

Oh my at all the tools of ass destruction.  Large, old fashioned hair brushes, flipflops.  Bull whips.  The list goes on.

How about restraints?  Silk scarves, ribbon, rope, tie downs and horse hobbles.  Belts are great for spanking and restraint.  Plastic zip ties, duct tape.

Oh wow.

Who would have thought that Amazon would be a place to shop for all things fun?

Giggles...  my wish list is interesting.  WEG

What is your favorite impact toy or kinky item on Amazon?

So many possibilities.


  1. Wow Rose...have shopped Amazon for a lot of things but never thought to shop for kink there...whodathunkit?! LOL Thanks for the giggle.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. You are most welcome. I just found a carpet beater, rattan cane and leather paddles too. Fun stuff. Oh and all kinds of chain for suspension. And knives!!! So many fun things. My sujestions page is interesting right now. Giggles

  3. I've never been to Amazon for our play things, might have to pay a visit. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Oops. I forgot something on the list. The Hitachi Magic wand! Yep, it is on Amazon complete with accessories.

      I can pervert almost any store. Lol. You are welcome. :-)

  4. Amazon is definitely a dream store for bedroom fun -- if only it were easier to buy anonymously!

    1. Obviously, being anonymous is important to you but in a world of plastic and computers that is impossible.

  5. Ha! I just read that post and was thinking of where to find one... Only 13 dollars?! I'm gonna have to take a look around. ;)


    1. Oh! I forgot to add the Hytochi wand to the list. Complete with attachments. :-) best vibrator on the market.

      You are welcome.

  6. LOL..i went to Amazon for the doggin bat also...was impressed with the price...trying to decide if i should ask for permission...or surprise Master with a gift...think the latter.
    hugs abby