Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am officially insured again!  For September and October I had insurance but couldn't afford to use it.  The deductible was way too high.  Now I can finally go to a doctor and try to get this asthma stuff under control again.  After my brothers wedding I will make an appointment with my brand new PCM.  I need refills on all of my Rxs and approval to go to specialists;

I have a workable plan to get all the sewing done for the wedding.  I will be working right up until the ceremony.  Make the peasant blouses today.  I have the pattern perfected.  Now I just have to get the shirts together.  Dragon is going to stop by the fabric store to pick up a few things I need.  Elastic, bias tape and thread.  But I can get the shirts ready.   I'll make the flower girl dresses Sunday and Monday and the final two skirts for the brides maids Thursday and Friday.  Wedding on Saturday.

Crunch TIME!

I need a stress relief spanking but the asthma symptoms are too bad right now.  The paddle and floggers trigger an attack when I am not taking the long acting stuff.  We tried a few times but I had to safe word out after just a few swats.

Oh well.

For now I'll just have something to look forward to!  


  1. Yeah for you. Hope the stress relief is able to be applied soon.

  2. Congratulations on being insured.
    I sure hope you get those skirts ready. Poor Bride maids otherwise.

  3. Oh I dont envy all that deadline sewing. My mother always hated that.