Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Dragon is putting the turkey in the smoker again this year.  Last time he did that, we has a large charcoal brick.  Not yummy at all.  I hope it turns out better this year.  I have all the boxes out of the living room finally.    Mina helped me move them out yesterday.  I emptied 3 and moved 4 to the garage. No room for it in the house.  Latter, I am going to take one box at a time in the garage and either find a place for the stuff or get rid of it.  

Time to get out my little Christmas village and put up the artificial tree.  I am allergic to real trees but we will get one to go on the porch latter.  I found the stand yesterday.  It is already put together and waiting where I want the tree. 

It is nice to do normal things with the family.  My SIL asked what our plans were.  We forgot that we are close to family again.  We always just do our own thing.  Oops.  We are going to have a huge family gathering Sunday.  That takes the pressure off everyone.  


  1. Hey! Guess what? The local volunteer fire department may call Dragon away from dinner but he is HERE for Thanksgiving and he will be home for Christmas! NO MORE MILITARY DEPLOYMENTS! YIPPEE!

  2. Very Happy Thanksgiving Day and weekend with the Family.

    Could everybody in the surroundings please be extra careful with the matches?
    We want Dragon to eat his own charcoal brick!

  3. Dragon's being home is just one of the many things to be thankful for. Blessing to you and your this Thanksgiving.

  4. good luck on the turkey this year...

    hooray for being home for Christmas ... and have a great thanksgiving weekend!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on the Turkey. :)

    Congrats on the box situation - doing much better than I am. You give me hope.

    Woohoo - extra reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving - Dragon will be home for Christmas also!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I know how wonderful it is to finally have your family reunited!

  7. Happy Spanksgiving! I hope the turkey came out!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Yay for Dragon being home at Christmas.