Monday, November 19, 2012

Liebster Award?

Not sure what it is but Emi nominated my little blog.  The rules say to copy and past the photo.  With limited bandwidth I will have to pass on that.  Share 11 things about myself and pass this on to 11 blogs?  That I can do.

11 things about me.  Hmmm
1.  People comment on how Dragon and I look at each other.  The love shows in our eyes.
2.  My favorite date is a picnic in the park
3.  My second favorite date is the symphony.  I love beautiful music.
4.  I turned my hobby into a business   Sewing!
5.  I love making beautiful things with fabric.
6.  Most of my friends have 4 feet and fur.
7.  My husband is the only thing that keeps me from going vegetarian   . I don't like meat.
8.  I love going to the gym.  I feel so relaxed after a good workout
9.  Any day I get to spend with my family is a good day
10. I can't be around any type of perfume our air freshener.  My asthma is that bad.
11.  I am allergic to my pets but I think that is what antihistamines were made for.

Now for Emi's questions.

1. What is your favorite genre of music? Country.  I had to learn how to like it being married to Dragon.  

2. Do you like Horror movies? Why or why not? Sometimes.  It depends on the movie.  Nothing bloody. 

3. How old were you when you had your "first kiss?" 17 at a school dance

4. Do you prefer sweet snacks or salty? Salty Combine salt with chocolate and I am in heaven

5. What was your most memorable vacation ever? (where and why) Disney world.  It was my honeymoon.

6. Have you even performed on stage for any reason? Not since elementary school.  

7. Have you ever won a contest? If I did, I can't remember it.  

8. Did you love or hate your high school years? Hated them.  

9. Spanko or spankNO? SPANKO!

10. Do you read spanking fiction? some.  Most if it is poorly written.  

11. What is the weirdest implement you've been spanked with? ("H" whacked me once with a red licorice vine! Ouch!) A whisk.  It didn't hurt but made a funmy sound. 

Now for my 11 blogs
1.Finding Sara, Her blog was one of the first blogs I followed.  Her story has touched my heart
2. A Domestic Discipline Society  I love reading blogs written by men and this one is willing to call it how it is with other blogs.  LOVE IT
3.  New life in DD  Thanks you for sharing your story Bas!  Even if all of us ladies make you feel out numbered!  
4. Florida Dom's Corner.    Again with the male perspective.  Although his is mostly kink.
5. Old fashioned Marriage.  Not sure what I think about this blog yet but I'll add it as another male authored blog.  Some men take DD into the realm of abuse.  Not sure how far he goes.   
6. Mick and Lynda's Place  Watching their family grow up has been an adventure.
7.  faerie learns to fly she has made me brave enough to try giving a blow job again.  Nope, still can't do it.
8.  Her Mischief managed
9. The dish with ward and june.  I like this blog because both of them post.
10 Life under a firm hand
11. Emi, I know it is against the rules but yes, I nominate your blog too.


  1. I have just put up my Liebster post, so I didn't include you as nominator.
    I still thank you for the honour.