Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Fitness Pal

I gave in yesterday and started using it.  I had some problems trying to figure out how to add foods but now that I have it figured out, it is easy.

I thought I hit below the target yesterday.  1192 was the total for the day but I forgot to add in the 1/2 c of milk with breakfast, the crackers I ate while cooking supper and the 1/4 of green beans.  I think that took it up to a more reasonable amount.

I'll try to do better with accuracy today.  I thought I ate like a piggie yesterday.  Looks like I didn't do half bad though.  I am going to add in an extra work out too.  I usually do my physical stuff in the afternoon but today I am going to add in some morning cardio.

The goal?  one pound a week.  Down to 140 lbs.  I an not sure how much weight Dragon will let me loose before he says enough.  He doesn't go by the scale as much as he does my general health.  We don't even have scales in the house anymore.  The anna side of my brain tends to obsess over those number.  Instead I obsess over the tape measure.  That one is easier to hide.

I have a doctors appointment Friday.  I need to get a referral to an astma allergy doc.  I can't just call for an appointment any more.  I have to get permission.  Blag.  That is one drawback to our new insurance but we have to follow the rules.  I am pretty sure they will get a weight and will be able to update it then.


  1. Should have left it alone. I took off the food I didn't eat and added in the ones I did eat. 1182. oops. I try to do better today. My battle is to eat enough to stay healthy and still loose the bacon butt. If I don't eat enough Dragon will stop the nonsense and fast!

  2. I hear ya... I'm embarrassed to say I got a little crazy over the numbers myself... I have been hitting 640 to 800 calories a day and need to bump it up.
    If you want to add me I'm emijay_141

    Good luck!!

    1. Keep it healthy Emi! You have to eat enough for your body to function. Don't let Anna take over! EAT

  3. I have decided that for me loosing weight means not worrying about the numbers, and I never get on the scale anymore. Works for me!

    1. I don't have scales in the house at all. I decided to count calories just to see how much I was eating at first. On a day that I thought I pigged out, I didn't eat enough according to the fitness pal thing. So, yes, I need to worry about the numbers. Keeping them up that is.

      Eat healthy foods, keep the calorie count up and exercise moderately is my plan.

  4. This is the message at the bottom of my fitness pal thingie.

    Based on your total calories consumed for today, you are eating too few calories. Not only is it difficult to receive adequate nutrition at these calorie levels, but you could also be putting your body into starvation mode. Starvation mode lowers your metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult. We suggest increasing your calorie consumption to 1,200 calories per day minimum.

    1140 for the day and I even have myself a few extra calories. I only ate half a tangerine but couldn't figure out how to only count half. AND this is with indulging in my chocolate habit. Oh well. This will only happen on the nights I cook. When Dragon cooks, I eat a good sit down meal.

  5. With a calorie intake that low, and a lot of exercising, you will loose much more than 1 pound a week.
    Loosing weight is never a problem.
    Keeping it at the lower level is the problem.
    When you starve your body now, it will defend itself by building extra reserves, as soon as you loosen the weight loss regime. Then you have reached exactly the opposite from what you wanted to do.
    So, try to accustom your body slowly to a lower calorie intake.

    1. I know.... I honestly thought I was eating more than that. My target is closer to 1500 with my activity level. Would it help if I said I eat even less when I am in an anna crisis? No, I didn't so.

      I'll do better today.

  6. This girl tends to do the same thing; keeping calorie intake to low. Not having a scale is a great idea but Master likes to make me get on it to make sure the number is acceptable to him. Too low and there is definately some kind of punishment in store.

    I am sure today will be a bit easier, it's always an adjustment on a new program.