Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can I gloat now?

They ex boyfriend contacted my daughter yesterday.  She was in tears.   He wanted to be "friends".  Said that he can't live without her.  Blah, Blah, Blah.......

She replied to his message telling him all the reasons they can't be friends or anything else ever again.


Today, one of her friends sent her a messing to let her know that the ex is on Face book talking trash.  He had nothing good to say about her.  NOTHING!  She didn't go into details with me but knowing this boy, it was really bad.

She came into the kitchen smiling!  SMILING!

"I don't feel bad about dumping anymore, Momma.  I thought he was a better person than that.  You don't say that kind of thing about people you are about.  Not even when they make you mad.  Not ever."

Victory dance! ! !  

Can you see my big smile from your computer screen?

Now you know how I spell relief!

Wedding update.....

I am on the final stretch of sewing.  I have all the blouses made.  The flower girl dresses are almost done.  They need to be hemmed and the sleeves finished.  The doublet and one of the bodices needs grommets.  The two remaining skirts for the brides maids will be made when I get there.  And now the bride tells me that the grooms men MUST have capes.  As long as I have help that will listen and do what i ask when I get there, it can be done.

After all this, I am going to need a vacation!  My brother told me to bring my business cards.  he is convinced I'll get a few new clients.  I sure hope so.  That would sure help make the bills!


  1. Yes, I can see you smile through that computer screen. When this happens, they set their standards higher, because they able to see through some stuff. Good for her. Good for you for getting so much done. God Bless You and Yours, Belle L.

  2. Yes, you can gloat now.

    Glad the sewing is almost done. Haea good week.

  3. That is one empowered girl! Good for you, momma!!

  4. I can feel your smile all the way over here. :)

  5. Smiling is good for getting all the work done.
    Daughter has gained a lot of knowledge about human relations.

  6. There's noting better than seeing your children blossom! Good for her and you!