Friday, November 16, 2012

The Holidays?

(oops, I almost forgot a content warning.  Not G rated.  Sorry)


I am NOT ready!  Where did the time go?

I still have boxes in the living room.  Who knows where the Christmas ornaments are.  I sure don't.  And where to put the tree?  YIKES!  I have NO IDEA.  The artificial tree will go up Thanksgiving day.  The kids decorate the tree while dinner is being prepared.  That means I have to do a good cleaning of the living room.  Dust, mop, oil the furniture, clean all the glass. 

Can I say that I am very happy the wedding is done?  I felt the need to sew today.  Stress relief my way.  I made pair of old fashioned bloomers.  Made just like they would have been in the 1800s with an open crotch.  I am sure Dragon can find a spankable application for the open rear of these pajama bottoms.  As soon as he saw them he made a request.  Another set out of flannel for warmth.  I think he sees me bare bottomed in the garage with my legs warmly covered.  

Hmmm....  Maybe.  

Old Fashoned fashion with a kinky DD use.  

Giggles.  How did he know what I was thinking when I made them?  He knows me so well.  I even trimmed the bottom with lace to give them a nice feminine feel.  Not that a good application the paddle won't do that all by itself.  

I still haven't gotten that stress relief spanking.  With the holidays HERE, Dragon is working long hours.  He is always tired when he walks in the door.  I try to have supper on the table when he gets home.  Many things have changed in the last year and I am still trying to adjust.  We both are.  

Ok....  The spanking may not have happened but he still makes sure we both have a chance to de-stress.  This morning he gave me enough time to wake up and began making love.  Not sure how he managed it but he fisted me while having sex.  Talk about mind blowing.  So much sensation.  Double penetration is nothing new but that took it to a whole new level.   

Hmmm.   I started the bloomers before he started making love to me.  I wonder if he was inspired by my efforts with the needle?  If so, I need to do that more often.  

My bits are sore.  Every move I make reminds me of his touch.  He is at work but I can't move without thinking about what he did with his hands this morning.  Just WOW.  Let's just say that sitting is a bit uncomfortable.  Love it!      


  1. Dang. Just got news that Dragon is working late again.... No spanking for me tonight and I am running out of meals to prepare. Meals I know how to prepare anyway. (NOT a cook) Oh well. I'll think of something else to sew up.

  2. Sounds like an absolutely lovely way to start the day. Hmmm, maybe you should start selling the bloomers like Conina sells floggers - I betcha my Daddy would buy a pair or 10 :-P He has alluded to purchasing some such item a few times.

  3. WOW. yum. Yes, you should sell bloomers or corsets. I bought a flogger and I certainly would buy a corset!!

  4. well ladies, I do have a business license you know. I make custom clothing. WEG

  5. The bloomers are a great idea, I agree with everyone else!