Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holey Roller?

I gave my new bloomers a test run this morning.  Dragon was so pleased with them, he wants me to make a pair for every day of the week.  He asked if I could make breakfast for him wearing them and still stay modest.  After a bit of thought, I remembered a long skirt we bought.  I haven't worn it because I don't have a nice blouse to wear with it yet.  I put on my skirt and a sweat shirt.  With my very long hair, long skirt and frumpy shirt, Dragon said that I look like a holey roller.

Ha Ha.  Looks can be deceiving  can't they?  

My legs may be modestly covered but my bottom is bare.  And my backside is just a little sore this morning for a new reason.  I asked for the belt and he was so pleased with my handy work that he obliged.  I have to say that his control over the belt is improving greatly.  The swats ranged from very gentile to firm.   I think, in time, I will be able to take the belt without the bad stuff creeping into my head.  This morning it was pure pleasure.

Hmmm.  Should I make another pair of bloomers today?  Put the days of the week on them like little girl panties   LOL

I want to make a night gown to match each pair.  That way I can be modestly covered while I cook his breakfast but don't have to get dressed for the day.

I think we are going to have fun with this....


  1. The bloomers sound like an interesting and fun part of your wardrobe. You could make a bunch of them (in different colors) and couple your creations with the promise to wear them whenever Dragon wants it - a great Christmas gift for a husband who likes a little fun with his lovely wife.

  2. sound like both of you are having fun and relaxing a little.