Monday, November 19, 2012

Back to Normal?


What a time to start getting back to normal.  Just in time for the chaos of the holiday season.   Yesterday Dragon made me take a break.  He took me to the garage.  The look on his face left no doubt in my mind what he was going to do.  He was going to spank me and nothing I could say would change his mind. 

A padded step puts my bottom at the right height to use the table saw for support.  Dragon stood behind me and lowered my pants.  Just when I thought I would get to keep my panties, those slid down too.  The garage was cool and I started to shiver just a little. 

You know I am not allowed to use some words.  Not EVER and as a lady, I don’t like using it anyway.  But in this case I have to.  There is on other word to describe what came next.  He F@#%ed me with his fingers.  Built the pleasure with pain and a sense of violation.  He used his hand hard and fast.  There was no doubt in my mind that pleasure was not his purpose.  Getting his smart mouthed wife back into a submissive state of mind is why we went to the garage to begin with.  Not sex or pleasure. 

Without any warm up swats, Dragon used the walnut paddle.  He has discovered that the sit spot hurts more than the fuller, padded part of my back side.  Unfortunate for me, that is where most of the swats fell.  He exchanged the paddle for his belt.  I could not stay in place.  No way.  That belt HURT.  Then came the snake.  A relatively short flogger made out of dense, hard leather.  I call it the snake because that thing has a bite.  Wowchy. 

It wasn't a punishment.  As I stood up, I couldn't figure out what it was.  Maintenance?  Stress relief?  Re-connection?  I think it was a little of all three. 

Last night, I slept in my new bloomers at his request.  As soon as I got under the covers, his hand cupped my sex.  Every time I woke up, his hand was still there.  Just holding me.  It was a simple act but very erotic. 

I don’t know if it was the spanking or how he held me last night that did it.  Both?  But I am SOOOO hungry right now and NOT for food.  I used the hitochi to try to easy the ache but it did no good.  My body wants his touch.  Would you believe that I am craving a repeat of the scene in the garage?  Fingers, paddle, belt, flogger and all. 

I think he will be happy to know that I am miserable today.  It is a common side effect of TTWD.  It keeps him on track for months at a time.  Does he like it when I am miserable?  I think he does. 

Time to get busy.  The rest of our family decided to draw names this year.  Oh but no one will have to spend as much money that way.   Hmmm.  Since I rarely send individual gifts at Christmas, only one family gift per household, that doesn't work out so good for us.  6 gifts when we don’t even have money to get our kids gifts.  Uggg.   Let’s just say that my sewing room will be busy for the next two weeks making gifts.   Today I am helping my youngest daughter make an apron for my sister in law.  We are using remnants I have left over from other projects.  This one is a no cost gift!  Hey I like those!  


  1. After a couple years of struggling to find enough money to buy presents for everyone, we now only buy for the kids. The adults get hand-made gifts (baked goods, homemade bath salts and lotions, crafts my daughter puts together, etc).

  2. This post made me smile since it sounds so much like me and my Man :)

    Sounds a bit like some spankings like I have received...minus the table saw. And it is rare for me to stay perfectly in place for most spankings :)

    And yes I usually agree with him that those types of spankings were necessary after the fact in spite of the fuss I may put up before or

    Hope all of our holidays are stress-free and filled with lots of lovely spankings ;)

  3. It is special how close being miserable and being happy can be together.
    No cost gifts are great.

  4. I am sure whatever you make will be appreciated because of the thought and love that went into making it.

    Sorry your missing your "normal" but glad you got back to "normal"

  5. That is very hot!!! I hope you get the release you need!!