Monday, October 29, 2012

ex boyfriend up date

She is doing great.  The drastic mood swings of the last 2 months are slowing down.  Fewer tears and more smiles.  She is coming out of her room without being forced to.  Playing video games with her little brother and watching movies with her sisters.

It is like I have my daughter back again.  She now calls her relationship with this guy poison and admits that it will take time to get all the bad stuff out.  It is a huge relief for us.  To finally see her happy again has me on top of the world.

What does she want?  She wants a strong man.  One that doesn't cry real tears over every little heart break in life.  She wants a man that has some ambition in life.  Being a short order cook in a touristy restaurant won't cut it for her.  She wants a man who will hold her accountable and spank her backside when she needs it.

What does she want?  She wants a man just like her father.  What is the problem with that?  He is taken and I have never met another man like him. I am sure she will find what she is looking for eventually.  When she gives up and decides to stay single she will find the man who will chase her until she has to say yes.


  1. Most of us had to kiss a few toads, before we found our prince. Hope she finds the kind of guy that will make her happy, forever. God Bless You and all you love, Belle L.

  2. he is out there... looking for her too. Glad to hear she is rid of the looser!