Friday, October 12, 2012

Unfair Spanking

I wrote about a spanking gone wrong when I first started my blogging adventure.  Now I have had more time to think on it.

Was it an unfair spanking?  Did Dragon do anything wrong?

It really wasn't unfair.  The only problem with it is that I was mad.  We had a disagreement, I left before it was resolved and slammed a door.  Clearly I was in the wrong.  Who started the argument at that point didn't matter.  I behaved disrespectfully.

Now I see what went wrong and unfortunately for me, so does Dragon.

After the punishment, I was still angry.  I wasn't crying or the least little bit repentant.  I WAS MAD.  THAT WASN'T FAIR!  He deserved that spanking, not me!

Did that spanking really go bad?  I don't think so now.  Now I think it didn't go far enough.  Round one should have been longer and harder.  Yes, I would have still gotten up from it mad.  What should have happened then?  Round two.  Some quiet time in the bed room to think about what happened and what I did.  When I figured out that I really was in the wrong, more swats.

I was so defiant for that spanking that I refused to take off my pants.  WOW!  What would Dragon do now?   I don't even want to think about  it.  I know it wouldn't be pretty.

I am sure un deserved spankings can happen.  Mine wasn't one of those.  I was out right defiant.  Every spanking I have begged out of because I thought it wasn't fair was deserved.  I simply didn't want to get spanked.    Yes, I need to work on that.   After all, I am not a child to whine when facing the consequences of poor behavior.  I should be taking the swats without whining.  Knowing that they are deserved.

Trust the Dragon.


  1. Hard to admit when we are wrong, good for you in being able to do so.

  2. it's amazing what a little time and distance does for our perspective... to bad we cant bottle it- I could us a dose of it today.

  3. OK, the trust the Dragon remark cracked me up. I have been in that spot while being spanked and when we were new I don't think my Daddy knew what to do, now we know round two is truly was it needed....when in doubt, spank it out.

  4. It cracked me up, too, dancingbarez :) did your 'when in doubt spank it out'. My Daddy knows if I get up and I am not cuddly, if I am pouty, or beating myself up, I'm not done (yes, Daddy spanks like I cook - how long? Till it's done, lol)