Monday, October 22, 2012

Spam Blocker

Do you know what the best part of blogger is?

Yep.  It is the spam blocker.

Since I have put my blog on moderate all, all the spam has been going into one nice neat little folder.  If you put a nonsense post on my blog that is totally off topic with the words "visit my..." in the text, my spam blocker will get rid of it for me.

So convenient!

Spammers, quit trying.  I scan the posts in that folder for those two telling words and hit the delete button.

Thanks but no thanks.  I really don't want to visit your web page.


  1. Note to spammers: Write a nice blog, maybe somebody will ever visit it out his his own free will.

    1. LOL! That is an idea! Write about a topic I am actually interested in!

      I just emptied my spam folder today and it already has a comment in it. I love the delete button.

  2. He is off of her FB account and blocked from Fet! I have HOPE! I'm not sure if the photos have been deleted from her computer yet but she is getting there. I hope it is over for good this time.