Thursday, October 18, 2012

Corset time

My efforts to train back into my corset are paying off.  Today, I set my timer for 30 minutes and laced myself up.  When the timer went off, I was busy.  I turned it off and continued working in my sewing room.  Cutting and snipping away at the fabric.  I am making the first of 4 bodices for the brides maid dresses.

The bride was supposed to purchase linen.  She purchased a crap load of poplin.  Hmmm.  Ok... I can work with that.  It isn't as nice of a fabric but it is half the price.  Then My stabilizer wasn't wide enough.  Ok, so I use the white flannel instead.  Not a big deal.  Snip and cut.  Working away.

Next thing I know the kids are asking for lunch.  What?  It isn't lunch time yet!  Yes it is.  I lost track of time working in a corset!  How in the world did I do that?  It wasn't laced down very tight at all but still....  Over 2 hours and I was working comfortably.

I finally had to put my scissors down and take a break.     The callus where my scissors rub my knuckle was not happy with me.  I need to find a band-aid before I do any more.

Ps.  I whined for 30 minutes this morning when Dragon told me to get some corset time in today.  I made us excuse after excuse.  I am glad I did it.  I love how the corset feels and I love how I feel in it!


  1. Is the goal to eventually wear it everyday? Do you find it helps you with posture?

  2. Yes, the goal is to wear it up to 12 hours a day.