Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prayers for Texas

Please pray for the people in the path of the storm in Texas.  This one is nasty.  It has hit Dallas and Forney.  There are cars over turned in the elementary school parking lot.

Pray pray pray!

I have friends and family in the path of this storm!


  1. it sounds like there is a lot of damage in Dallas and Forney. It may have hit Quinlin too. Warning out now for Terell. Tornado on the ground. This is scary. I am so far away. Relived to know my kids are safe but worried at the same time.

  2. I have friends and family down there too, so I'm right there with you. Praying for everyone in that area :)

  3. I've been watching it and praying. Scary stuff!

  4. Thank you ladies. The storm has passed and family and friends are ok. looks like this one will miss Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia family. Not sure if it is going to hit Tennessee or not.