Wednesday, April 25, 2012

But, but, but.....

Dragon is feeling the pressure.

Every time I try to reassure him (backwards isn't it?) he come up with a "but"   When I start to panic and worry he takes it to the seat of the matter.  I can't do that. 

What I have decided to do is pray.  I can't find (haven't really looked for) my copy of the power of a praying wife.  What to do?  Spend some time with my confused thought and simply pray.  Pray for my dear Dragon, our future and our children.  

After sitting down in my locked bedroom to pray today I have made a few decisions.  
1. try to get a refund for summer hockey
2. our hockey player can go to stick time, pickup games and hockey camps whenever we can find the time and a place.
3.  Wait.  Pray and reevaluate Friday.  
4.  Have a few "what if" plans in place.  (I have a few ideas that may help sooth the restless Dragon)
5.  PRAY

Don't you sometimes wish you could just spank some calm into your HOH?  When they are nearing panic and just need to chill out?  How in the world am I in a calmer place than my rock of a Dragon?  Can't figure this one out.....  

He is coming home early today.  My plan is to sit down outside in the sunshine and talk.  I'll share my list.  Hope it helps put him in a better place.

found this page.  It will at least give my daily prayer a little direction.  


  1. It's hard when the HOH is the one spiraling, isn't it? But, I think you have a good game plan. Thanks for the link and I hope you got to talk and it helped.

    1. He called me back and was already in a better place! I started with day one as soon as I found the web page. I like it when I see results that fast! We sat down and talked when he got home. The good news is that we are on the same page now. A few what if plans in place and he agreed to wait until Friday to make any decisions and Monday to act on them. One step at a time.

      Hmmm. I wonder if I could pray the entire list in one day? Not one marathon session. My knees won't take that kind of punishment anymore. But maybe break it down into several sessions of quiet prayer. It is a thought. I'll start with day 1 again tomorrow and see how far I get.

  2. I don't know what to do in these moments either, but sure think that you are on the right track. It sounds like your organizing and keeping family life on track helps him some. Hope you can stay 'up' for a bit to help him through this.

    1. I am trying but it is hard. Prayer. Lots of prayer.

  3. It sounds like you are bing strong in a tough situation so just go with it. I will pray for you too.

    1. Thank you. Today is Decision day. Yikes.