Sunday, April 15, 2012

Out with the old

One part of getting ready for a move is down sizing.  What to keep and what to get rid of.

First on the block was the toy bag.  All things latex more than 6 months old went first.  The we looked at the toys that we plain out don't like.  Too loud, too much thud and just not right.  Worn out, broken.  Dragon gave me a free hand with down sizing it!  So many owchy things gone!

We have already had round one with books.  They still need a round 2, 3 and 4.  It is hard for me to get rid of books.  With that said, Dragon has promised me a Kindle Fire.  I can't wait!

The project this weekend was the walk in closet!  Oh boy.  What a job.  Dragon finished putting down the new flooring in there yesterday.  Today we got rid of most of our clothes.  Some with the toys.  What was worn out? What is dated?  What hasn't been worn that has no sentimental value?  Wedding dress stays, 1970s dress gone!  All 80s style dresses gone.  Most of the 90s dresses gone.  Shirts with worn collars and stains gone.  All "house" dresses gone.  A few outfits too big and too small stay.  My weight fluctuates quite a bit and so does my size.  Part of the anorexia.  As soon as Dragon lets his guard down, my weight drops like a rock.

The closet is done.  Now I need to move ALL those clothes out to the truck.  Some donate but most go to the dump.  Yuck.  I can't believe how many worn out gross clothes I have kept over the years.    I have already decided what furniture to take with us if we move and what to leave.  I need to take a hard look at the the kids movie collection and my sewing room.  My girls are doing their own rooms.  I may have to send them back several times but that is ok.  My oldest is going to help my son, the baby of the family.  Yes, I'll have to go behind them and get rid of more stuff but that is ok.

Reality is become more and more clear and my stress level is building.  I was doing ok until my sewing machine decided it didn't want to work anymore.  It is an older Bernina.  Still a very nice machine by any standard.  One little screw.  I have my old Kenmore sitting on the kitchen table ready to adjust.  I need to work with it a while before I can confidently finish the competition dress I am working on.  The stitches need to be perfect.  The balance has to be just right.  The with of the stitch and length exact.

The repair projects that have been postponed due to time or money are suddenly a priority.  One thing at a time.

Dragon has an interview for another job next week.  He had 2 promising interviews last week.  We have some breathing room but not much.  Fingers crossed.

And no. DD has not been put aside.  It is in full swing.  Fortunately, a stern look from him is all that he usually needs to bring my back down to earth.  I am very lucky to have him.  When I first met him I thought he was a nerdy cowboy.  Yep, he still is but he is my nerdy cowboy.

In with the new will come latter.  A lot latter. 


  1. I don't envy your cleaning stuff out at all! We moved a little over 2 years ago and I don't want to have to do all that sorting and cleaning out again for a LONG time!!
    Best wishes to Dragon for his interviews!!

    1. Thanks Emi, what is even more stressful is that we don't even know if we are going to move. We go where he gets a job. We haven't found any jobs locally but we are still looking! The cleaning needs to be done anyway but I could do without the stress.

      Ut oh. Dragon just got out the paddle. I think I am in for some stress relief.

  2. Somehow I missed that you were moving (or might be). Spring cleaning is essential and I completely understand with a move myself planned in a few more months... I've created a schedule of "focus areas" per week.

    Tomorrow J and I are going shopping for clothing we both need to add/replace... this week will be clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. It will be easier to throw out the junk with nice stuff to replace it with. I can't wait!

    Good luck to you!


    1. New clothes have to wait a few more weeks. I'll be doing laundry every day, our selection is slim right now. Dragon had in interview today. He said it didn't go so good. :/ Prayers and fingers crossed!

  3. All this talk of spring cleaning is motivating me to give it a try.

    I REALLY want to be able to clean out my husband's side cabinet and remove the terribly ouchy things. I'm afraid it's not going to happen.

    Hope Dragon's next interview goes well.

    1. All this spring cleaning is just making me tired. Dragon kept out his favorite implements. I knew there was a catch in there somewhere. But I did find my MP3 player. I am rediscovering all the cool music I have on there!

  4. Oh, best of luck with your move. It's so stressful.