Sunday, April 22, 2012

Out with the old

WOW  One thing I hate about moving?  As I am getting rid of STUFF my house begins to look organized and I remember why I liked the house in the first place.  Projects that have been waiting for a better day get done and my house finally looks the way I always knew it would.

It isn't there yet but just one day of work has made a huge improvement.  I moved a big cabinet out of my sewing room and lost a lot of storage room but it looks so much better I don't even care.  The contents of the cabinet are boxed up and ready to go.  Lots to do still.

I am trying not to get overwhelmed.  Fly lady is my friend right now.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and work at one task.  Work fast and get it done.   Figure out what to do next and set the timer again.  Small bits with lots of breaks.  It will get done.

Dragon is off working again.  Yes he has to work on Sundays and holidays too.  Some things just won't wait until Monday morning.  Oh well.  I can get some things done that I couldn't do with him under foot.


  1. I should get motivated by your post, and I do feel it somewhat. I have a weeks worth of company coming Tuesday, and I have so much to do. All day at church yesterday, with only lunch and a nap in between, means Monday is always catch up day. It also means I haven't had any computer time for a day. I miss it. I could easily addicted. I hate housework, chores, grocery shopping, etc. I'm going to read 2 more blogs and get off this thing!!! You will be my inspiration today. I will time my tasks, and get it done! Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck and God bless you as you go through your tasks, Belle L.

  2. I need to get cleaning and clearing out myself. My parents are coming for a visit in June and that should be motivation for me, but so far I haven't accomplished much. We used to move every couple of years and that was great as far as not really accumulating too much, etc. But, we've been here for 10 years now and you can tell! ;p~~~ Anyway, it sounds like you're on the right track and I hope everything goes smoothly! :)