Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Different Moods of Dragon's Rose

Some times i feel like

but act like

And other times I just feel a little....

Then there are days that I feel like an absolute
  (according to Dragon)

Right now?
I feel like I am going in a hundred different directions.  Dealing with an iffy job situation, a maybe move, Pooh bears very first competition,  a house that is falling apart and more on the todo list than one person can possibly do.

Oh and the chronic headaches that are back again with a vengeance!

And then Dragon  uses the

and the
Blue Patent & Black Leather Flogger Whip BDSM Kink Fetish (FLG 104)

And all is right in my world again until the next disaster strikes.  What would I do without a Dragon watching over me?  I am so very happy he is in my life.  I am one lucky girl.

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