Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What if? part 1

ps  After Dragon read this, he took me and paddled my butt.  Total HOH space!  Maybe I should write more often!

First, you need to understand that I am not a writer.  I put my thoughts on paper for purely selfish reasons.  To help me find my own way in life.  My lifestyle is very different from how I grew up.  I am in uncharted territory.  The fantasies I share with Dragon help us open up to each other.  They help me navigate  new situations I may find myself in.

This story is a good example of one of the stories.  What if I had a friend I wanted to share our DD life style with?  Would that be ok?  Can I do it?  Would she judge me?  Would you approve?  This story has to come first in the What If.   Some of the other stories I will share are based off of this one.  This isn't a sexy story.  But it is one I shared with Dragon.

What if?

Anna sipped her hot tea.  We were both tired.  She asked me to help her with a sewing project.  Easter was only a few days away and her sewing machine died.  She spent hours sitting at my machine working furiously, while I placed delicate embroidery stitches on the bodice of the tiny baby dress.

She took a bite of her freshly bakes cinnamon bun.  I could tell she wanted to ask me a question.  “How do you do it?   You two have been married for so long and you don’t fight.  You act like newly weds.  Kissing and making out like teenagers.  How?”

She has already had my lecture about how to have a  lasting marriage.  It is stupid simple.  So simple that most people miss it.  Your husband should be your best friend.  When you want to go out and do something fun, he should be the first person you think of.  That isn’t a secret.  She knows that part already.  How do I share TTWD with her, without getting Dragon arrested or me in a mental institution?  Yikes.

And so I began.  First with the Bible open and turned to the pages that paint a picture of what marriage should be.   She has heard it all before and starts tuning me out.  Anna is Christian but thinks that is a bunch of bull.

“Anna, you asked me how we do it.  I am trying to tell you but it has to be done one step at a time.  If I try to take it out of order you won’t understand.   It starts with your husband as Head of Household and with you willing submitting to him.”

“Ok,” she said.  “I understand that part.  We talked about it in Sunday school and your husband has shared those verses with Jake.  What about it makes your marriage so much better than mine?  Get to the point already.”

“You asked for it.”  I felt like I was getting ready to dive into the deep end of the pool.  Hoping I remembered how to swim, I took a beep breath and dove in.

Deep breath.  In, out, in, out….   Here goes nothing.

“Do you know what Domestic Discipline is?”

She wasn’t so sure of herself now. “No, what is that?”

I squirmed uncomfortable in my chair as I began.  “You see, Dragon was already HoH and I was already submissive to him.  But I picked up a bad habit that drove both of us nuts.  While he was on a trip a few years ago I started using the F bomb.  I HATE that word.  Don’t know why I started using it but I did.  No matter how hard I tried I kept catching my self using it.  It is a filthy word.”

Anna couldn’t believe I would EVER use that word.  To be honest, I couldn’t  believe I did it either.  Cussing is so out of character for me.  I looked over at her wide eyed stare.  She thought I was nuts.   But I continued anyway.  She wanted to know and I was tired of hiding my secret.

“I got tired of it and asked for his help.  We sat down to talked about my new habit and I asked him to punish me whenever I let it slip out.  He hated my dirty mouth enough that he agreed.   It worked like a charm.  I slipped up an few times but he let me off with a warning.  I just needed a little motivation to quit.  That bad habit was gone in no time.  Now I have a few rules I am supposed to follow.  More like guidelines because they aren’t hard and fast rules.  There are shades of gray.  When I break one of those rules,  he punishes me.”

Her eyes got really big.  I knew our friendship was over.  She was going to run screaming from the house, never to return.


Wrong.  Oh boy was I ever wrong.

“Punishment?  Really?”  She said those words with sincere interest.  “How does he punish you?”

“He spanks me.  Pulls down my pants and panties, takes out his paddle and spanks my butt.”

Anna had enough to think about for one day.  We ended our discussion there and finished the baby dress we were working on.

to be continued


  1. First, you write very well and LOL at the fact that Dragon spanked after sharing this!

    I wonder sometimes if I'll ever have a conversation like this with a friend. I would approach it in the same way as well--laying out the foundations and moving from there.

    I wonder...

    1. Thank you Susie. It wasn't a punishment but it wasn't a fun spanking either. Very much needed. I needed it.

      We talk about these what if situations a lot. It helps. What if a doctor sees my marks. What if a concerned neighbor calls the police? What if a visitor finds one of our paddles. It helps.