Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Favorite Spanking Position

This has been a question commonly asked by men on line.  It is one of the first questions asked.  Hmmm.  Really?  I don't know you.  Just told you I am married and a conservative christian and you are going to ask me that?

I admit, I'm not surprised by the question anymore.  These men are disappointed.  I don't answer it for them.  I cut the poor men off at their literary heels.  Poor things.

I have decided to answer that question here.  In my own little corner of blog land I am going to answer the question that is on the mind of every man who finds out I am a spanko.

My favorite position for a strait out spanking of any kind is OTK.  Wheather it is for punishment or pleasure.  Being in that most vulnerable position puts me in a more submissive state of mind from the very beginning.   Naked or with my pants and panties lowered just below the sit spot.  My favorite implement is a wooden paddle.  Walnut is the current favorite but that does change.

For flogging I enjoy several positions.   Tied to a Saint Andrews cross, restrained under a suspension beam, laying down on a bed, standing against a wall or laying across a spanking bench.  I have three floggers I like and several others that usually sit to the side.  A soft doe leather that is good for a warm up.  A thicker elk hide that has a good thud to it.  And the snake is thud and sting.  It leaves the tiger stripes.  The silky rope flogger sits to the side most of the time.  The small black rubber flogger is used for more delicate places.  The rawhide key chain flogger was a good starter toy but doesn't do much for me now.  The horse hair flogger hasn't been finished yet.  I keep forgetting about the tail and remains rubber banded together in my naughty craft box.  The loopy Johnny make out of auto vacuum hose was too much and is now filed under G.  That is  G for Garbage!

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  1. I like it for the same reasons. It helps me emotionally to feel close to him and enables the whole time to be a process where he can spank but we can also talk. I'm more confident in the whole deal when he's holding me.