Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Share fantasy time? Maybe?

Same old Same....  This blog is in a rut!  (there is a question at the end, you may want to skip the boring part)

Dragon has another interview to set up.  My hopes aren't very high for this one either.  Who knows what God has in mind for us.   I sure don't.  Wishing he would share his plan.  Dragon is getting ready to apply for delivery jobs, vending, Walmart.

Still taking it one day, one hour, one second at a time.  Faith, Hope, Love and Commitment hold this family together.

Like i said, same old rut.  DD and all things lifestyle have taken a back seat.  Real life is on our mind.  Things beyond our relationship.   Things like "how do the bills get payed if..." and "how do you kick a reluctant chick out of the nest?"  Oh the kinky part is still around and you better believe Dragon will still punish me when needed.  But... why does there have to be a but?  It isn't something we really focus on.  It is what it is.  TTWD

Yep.   Life.....

Hopefully, in a few months, this blog will transform.  Hopefully it won't go back to what it was but remake its self again.  I started out writing about our TTWD journey.  This was my outlet.  Then it became a place to simply hold myself together as my house of cards scattered in the wind.  Now we have been dealt a new hand in this game of life.  Our cards are face down on the table.

it isn't time to turn the cards over.  Not yet....

Hopefully this blog becomes a place to celebrate our new lives.  Learn to live a different way and fully embrace TTWD.    Stories of my submission, good girl spankings and to my shame, punishment.  Yes, I know you want to read about punishment but there aren't any right now to write about.  We are both too aware of our stress levels right now and neither of us are willing to push the buttons that hard.

Hmmmm......   maybe......

Something we share is fantasy time.  It is how he turns my mind to a more intimate  place.  My sex drive is a crock pot to his frying pan.  Story time gets my head where he wants it and turns the crock pot on high.  It is a place of what if. What if I had a girl friend.  How would she fit into our relationship?  What if we knew another DD couple in real life.  What if he had Dragon's permission to punish me?  What if someone else witnessed a punishment?  Would I finally cry?  What would it  take to make the tears fall?

Should I share fantasy time with my blog land readers?

Still thinking about it.....  maybe...  I am open to ideas....   Gotta get out of this RUT!


  1. Replies
    1. I love story time. Just not sure if I am ready to share them. One thing is for sure. They would breath some life back into my lonely blog.

  2. I love it when Michael tells me a story, describes a fantasy to me. Sometimes it's something he's fantasized about, other times it's tailored more for what he thinks will excite me, often a combination of both. Many times it's things that neither of us really want to do or experience in real life, but it's fun to think about, to imagine. Sometimes it involves something we'd both like to try, but the opportunity hasn't arisen yet.

    As for sharing fantasies on your blog, well, I imagine a lot of people would enjoy reading them, the question for you is whether or not you feel comfortable sharing them. ;)

    1. Dragon likes me to tell him stories. From them he discovers new ways to drive me crazy. I think I would be ok with sharing some of them.