Sunday, March 11, 2012

fingers crossed

The weather has warmed up and Dragon is cleaning in the garage.  Fingers crossed for an OTK in the garage.  We don't have to worry as much about noise out there.  He turns on this compressor and that is loud enough to mask any noise.

I am in need of a good OTK spanking

Getting worried now.  He went out of his way to show me that the chair used for OTK is again accessible and the paddle is sitting within easy reach.   I want it.  I need it but do I?  Spanking hurts.  What kind of crazy person  wants this.  Sigh.  Too late now.


  1. Uh oh...better just send those kids on that long walk and get it over with. Why exactly we all feel better after remains a mystery to me, but we do.

  2. I know exactly how you feel...we want it so badly but then we wonder why it hurts, it makes us cry but in the long run it makes us feel so much better.... good luck xxx

  3. Susie, I don't know why it works but I love it that it does!

    Kiwi I got myself all worked up over nothing! After a few swats, we both figured out that it wasn't working. We ended up making love. We had a great evening together!