Friday, March 9, 2012


Ok.  I don't do Friday Fail normally but this I couldn't resist.  Not sure how big of a fail this is.

As a spanko and an admirer of the female posterior I love it.  However the maternal side of me says .....  FAIL! ! !   Imagine me trying to cover the eyes of all four of my children.  At a stately 10 years old, I don't think anything would succeed in pulling my sons eyes away from this giant posterior.

To give credit where credit is due.  I pulled this off of a face book page called Rev. Doc


  1. LOLOL! This picture is sitting on my screen in my reading list and every time I look I instinctively cover my eyes. It's too much! FAIL!

  2. Sorry Susie. Imagine my situation. I was on FB looking for pics of my mother in law to show my kids. The kids were looking over my shoulder. EEEKKK. Eye bleach!

  3. Oh my! Why do I have the feeling that Michael would just LOVE this? I suppose I'll have to show him...when the children aren't about! ;)

  4. Grace, I have to ask... What did he think? LOL