Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thought for the Day

Inspired by Florida Dom

Why are the only women you see nude at life style parties usually older?  Their skin isn't smooth.  They don't have the body of a super model.  Bellies show evidence of child birth and breasts sag as much as the belly.

Good question?

I know why.  It is a secret that usually only mature women know.

Shhh don't tell!

Love the skin you are in.  Women come in all shapes and sizes.  We are all beautiful in some way.  Although everyone may not think my body is beautiful, the mature men, the men who what a real woman is, think i am sexy.  The love of my life, my Dragon, admires my body and loves me.

When you feel confident, it shows.  Walk tall and wear you Walmart clothes with style!  It is all in the attitude not in the name brand on the tag or the size of your body!  Have fun and enjoy life.


  1. Thank you ladies. Wish I knew this 20 years ago when I had the body of a super model.

  2. I'm getting to this place at an earlier age than I expected to... of course it isn't in full-swing like my mother feels it, but more and more I accept and love while less and less I change and complain.

    ...But always improving, that never stops. ;)


    (Thanx for stopping by my blog, your comment meant a lot)

    1. Autumn, self acceptance is great. I wish more people could discover it at your age. When you stop growing and learning, you stop living!

      It took me a little while to reply to your blog. I put some thought into that one. I hope you figure things out soon. Hugs.