Friday, September 30, 2011

Spanking (or lack of it)

Yes, this a DD blog. It is about our relationship as we figure this stuff out. This blog was started as we began to put our relationship back together after the Great Divide. We had a few years where we weren’t as close as we were before. Our marriage was as cold as ice. DD came after we started working to fix things between us. After we started dating again.
DD is still a part of our relationship, I think. Is it really though? I can feel myself going back to the way things were. Depression is creeping back. I can feel it creeping back like a dark cloud. My dirty mouth is back. As much as I try to contain it, without real consequences, there isn’t a reason to try.
Honestly we haven’t talked about DD very much lately. I haven’t mentioned it and neither has he. Stress relief happens when I ask for it. Life has been quiet around here. On the DD front. (not with my attitude) I promise, I’ll write a detailed post as soon as he steps back up to the plate. Every wiggle, every tear.
When he gets home tonight, I am going to talk to him. I am going to be the brave one. He has a tool box that has gone largely ignored.
Life sometimes gets in the way of living it. Even our camping trip last weekend was stress filled. It is time to put aside the crap, take out the garbage and figure this thing out. I need to get my one small task done and then get to my real to do list. I hope our talk tonight is productive. Somehow I bet it will end with a sore backside. MINE. Even knowing that, I don’t like were life is taking us. It is time to get back on track.

Time to get a wiggle on!


  1. Good luck with the talk...those are hard to start but almost always seem to end well. Will be thinking of you and hope he listens well!

  2. So much for talking tonight. He got home late from work and had to turn around and go back. Then we were off to the city to pick up a few things. Those stinkin’ pine cones are out again. Yep, a very bad asthma attack. Oh happy happy joy joy. NOT! ! ! Oh well.

    I know cinnamon pine cones smell good. I like the way the smell too. Unfortunately they are an asthma trigger. Please be kind to others and pay attention. Perfume, air freshener , sentry and those cute little candles may be nice to you. They are a trip the Emergency Department for me.


    See? I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! ! ! put those stinky things in plastic bas so I don't have to smell them. ick

  4. Good luck with your talk. I miss my hubby but I'm really enjoying my break from spankings. :)

    Your Dragon will get you back on track soon I am sure.


  5. We had a chance to talk this morning. Yep. He is tired. With family, work and school, sleep is not at the top of his list. When we get time together, he wants to rest. I understand.

    This too shall pass. And yes, I got paddled before we headed out for a road trip. Best part of my day!