Monday, September 5, 2011

Stepping it up

Yowza ! ! ! !

He stepped it up a notch or two or ten. For weekly stress relief, he has to hold me down. Hard and fast. The swats fall one right after the other and hurt so much all I can think about is getting away from that hateful paddle.
It starts out with slow easy swats. A few with his hand, a few with the paddle. He massages my skin as it begins to turn a pale shade of pink. He shifts his leg across mine and holds them firmly in place. His free hand is ready to grab mine when I decide to stop the session. The only safe word I have that words is BLUE. Red, stop, I’m done…. Nope. They won’t make him stop.
Tears burn my eyes but I refuse to let them fall.
The swats fall. Unending. It feels that way to me. Somehow I am sure it lasts less than 5 minutes but you will not convince me of the when it is my bottom on fire. I can feel the heat radiating from my skin.
At last it is over. He pulls me into his lap and kisses me. His hand squeezes my tender skin cruelly. Fresh tears cling to my lashes. I kiss his face and neck. His hands move across my back, shoulders and rest on my neck. Pulling me ever closer.
It was a night a will not soon forget. Stress relief more intense than I have ever experience followed by making love. No not sex. Get your mind out of the gutter. Hands, lips and skin. Erotic and hot but no sex. Just the two of us rediscovering all those hidden hot spots and falling asleep in each others arms.
I don’t like this new intensity.
Ok. The love making I like. Love that part.
But the harder spanking? Nope. No way. I want to go back to the erotic fun kind. These aren’t fun at all. My backside is sore from last nights session with the paddle. Yowza! It is so hard to muffle my squeals with the pillow. Silence is impossible.
With two teenagers in the house and two pre teens, I don’t see my stress levels going down anytime soon. I see it getting worse. So no. Stress relief session won’t get any lighter. I HATE HATE HATE them right now. WOWCHY best describes them. As much as I dislike them, I know it is what I need. He knows where my head is. He knows what I need. And yes, I do feel more relaxed after it. And no, the old, softer swats were not doing the job. But I can still say I don’t like it.
Can’t I?
S#*! What have I gotten my self into. !@# $%^ ^&*+
(I’m not allowed to cuss. And don’t want to earn a punishment if that is the NEW stress relief)


  1. Just gonna say that I understand! Had a M spanking a few days ago that was like nothing we've ever done...but it worked...and anything less would not have. Still, big sigh!

  2. With life so crazy right now, it doesn't happen often. I guess he wants to make it count when we have a chance to "take care of things." Ug.

    It works but I don't have to be happy about it.

    Thanks for stopping by Susie