Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Women’s Liberation Movement

The first women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. In 1848 a group of men and women gathered to discuss the injustices women faced in society. The very rights we take for granted today, they had to fight for. The right to vote, hold a job, earn a decent wage. Women were second class citizens seen a property. Marriage and divorce laws were written to favor men. A married woman lost all rights to her own money and property. Education opportunities were limited to those that were seen as proper for the more delicate sex.

The heros that fought for our rights have given future generations a very valuable gift. The right to choose.

Women's Rights History
A little five year old girl knows that she can do anything and be anything she can dream up. A doctor, teacher, architect, pilot or a vet. She can go to war with both men and women. She can own property, control her own checkbook, get a loan at the bank and drive a car. She can vote in an election and even hold the office of President of the United States.
Feel that estrogen ladies!
It is sad that today, the stay at home mom is frowned upon. She isn’t respected by her friends who hold jobs. She works hard to provide a comfortable home for her family. Cleaning, cooking and maintaining her home. The kids are clean, well educated and her home is in harmony. Yet she snubbed.
In the eyes of society she hasn’t embraced the Women’s Liberation Movement. I am a stay at home mom. Gasp….. And ….. AND I submit to my husbands authority.  Not only do I submit to him but he spanks me when I break a rule.

“lock her up in a mental institution and put him in prison. These people are CRAZY!”
Do you see the heads turning? Do you see the shocked look on the their faces?
Society can accept kink and perversion. Why not a submissive wife? What happened to that word Choice? Did it go out the window? Am I not allowed to choose who I am anymore? I can choose to be a lesbian and marry my female lover. I can choose to hire a nanny for my kids and be an absent parent. So many choices today! It is amazing.
But I can’t choose to be submissive? I can’t choose to be spanked?
The choices seem a little lopsided to me.
I choose to be me.


  1. This is so interesting, on another (non-lifestyle) blog the writer also talked about the disdain society has for the stay at home mom/wife. It is so sad that society sees us as lesser because our choice doesn't match up with theirs. And that's even leaving out the submissive side of it all.

    The women's lib movement did many great things, but some bad has come of it too. Nothing is perfect. I only hope that the stay at home mom can begin to get some good recognition for choosing to do what she does.

  2. My post was inspired my Hermione’s Wednesday Win. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to write. I showed great self restraint by not posting all the great information I found.

    The stay at home mom is a treasure to her husband and children. I hope that one day we are accepted for who we are.

  3. Yeah, in truth the choices are limited to what is politically acceptable at any given time. I have been both a stay at home mom/wife and professional outside the home...both choices, both fulfilling and both parts of who I am. Sara