Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sleeping Nude

Dragon loves it when I sleep nude and honestly, I prefer to.  The feel of the cotton sheets against my bare skin is exquisite.  My body is absolutely available to Dragon without barriers.  And sleeping nude, I don't get overheated.  No waking up soaked in sweat.

It has so many advantages.

Last night I got so frustrated with my gown.  It was uncomfortable.  My panties were already on the bed side table. I just couldn't tolerate clothes any more.  It felt so nice to just slip between the sheets and relax.

But you know it couldn't last.  Right?  Life had to remind me why I don't sleep in the nude.

Knock knock knock

Oh crap.  A kid in need.

We have had a problem with red wasps this year.  Not a big deal unless everyone is allergic to the nasty things.  My daughter stepped on one in the kitchen.  She usually has a level 3 reaction.  Epi pens usually aren't necessary but the rule is to not be alone until the reaction eases.

Ice, benadryl, tobacco and comfort as each symptom hits hard.  Swelling, redness, wheezing, itchy hives.  Zantac is added to do what the benadryl can't.


She has a sore foot and I remembered why I don't sleep in the nude.  No matter how nice it feels, it is very hard to dress quickly when you are half asleep.

It was a good try.  Oh well.


  1. A nightgown by the bed to slip over your head - problem solved.
    Glad daughter is okay.

    1. That was the plan. All I had to do was slip the gown over my head. Took me several tries to figure it out. I was sleeping hard when the knock came.

  2. Oh I understand! I have 3 teenage boys. Of course I have a fan going 365 days of the year, and I am always afraid they will walk in. They wouldn't. Sometimes I attempt to keep a mini housecoat at the foot of the bed. To top it off, Barney often works nights and I go to bed earlier than the boys, it feels odd being naked when I am the 'adult' in the house. LOL. But I also hear ya with the feel of sheets against the skin......

    1. My kids forget sometimes but I figure that they really don't want to see mommy naked. If Dragon isn't home I sleep in pjs. A gown just isn't enough.

  3. Sleeping in the nude is so relaxing. Could you have a dressing gown close by to put on in a hurry.
    Glad your daughter is alright now but that would have been scary.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. I had a gown ready to slip on but I was just a little frantic. Stings of any kind are a big deal in my house. I warned my kids not to just walk in the bedroom. To wait for an invitation. Let's see if they listen. I really like sleeping that way.

  4. robe behind the door? i do that.