Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dragon only has two that he enforces.  They both relate to the 4 Rd.
1. Obviously cussing. It is why DD began.  Our marriage nearly ended thanks to the military and a drug called larium.  In the struggle to keep it together my mouth got a little dirty.

2. This is the one I really struggle with.  Seatbelt use.

I just forget to put it on.  I know it is dangerous. In another lifetime I was a paramedic! Why do I keep forgetting?

I am lucky Dragon doesn't really want to punish me.

If the warning bell dings, I get swats.  Dragon usually tells me in a gentle voice to put it on.  He tells me before the truck gets going fast enough to trigger the warning.

Love my man.


  1. I bet you're adamant about seat belts for the littles, aren't you? Do it for yourself.

    1. Absolutely. I just get busy and forget. Dragon makes sure I remember.