Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Much Needed Spanking

Dragon agreed that I needed some stress relief and that a good spanking was the best way to get it.   He finally did the deed.

Out in the garage he set up the camp cot.  Shirt off, he told me to lay down on my tummy.  First came an electrifying flogging with the violet wand and the mylar flogger.  Pin pricks of sensation across my back.  When I couldn't handle any more of that he got out the paddle.

Before the first swat he secured my hands above my head.  No protecting my bottom this time.  Then things started to heat up fast.   A few times I asked for a break.  It was intense.  Just when I was sure the spanking was over, he took off his belt.  Usually he goes easy with the belt.  No such luck. The swats came hard and fast.  It didn't take long for me to start panicking.

He stopped, figured out what was wrong, calmed me down and started with the paddle again.  The warm up was long over.  These weren't gentle taps.  These were full swing swats.  Every time one connected my hands strained at the ropes, my body lifted off the cot and a soft squeak left my mouth.  I couldn't stay still.

When my bottom felt like it was on fire he put the paddle down, released my hands and massaged my burning posterior.  There was no room for anything else.  No stress. Just sensation and sub space.

I am still feeling it today.


  1. I actually love being restrained during a spanking. For some reason it gives me the ability to let go. When I am being punished,if the kids aren't home it is my feet he retrains so I don't bring my feet up ( I have to stand). I've never had an issue with reaching back,not sure why that is. Regardless, during a reset, if my arms are restrained, and he uses the spreader bar, mentally I have lost all control. It makes it so much easier. Plus I have the restraints to pull on and buck, and snort as much as I want. Much easier than being still all on my own! LOL.

    I love when there is no room for anything else. Often I don't even feel sensation for several hours either. It is like my head is no longer attached to my body. I have taken flight and it is grand!

    Happy to hear you both got past the panic part and kept on going to where you wanted to be.


    1. The cot was new. I am using either standing or OTK but the garage is limited on options. This is the first time I have been tied up since we moved here and it was the hardest spanking. Even harder than that one punishment 4 years ago.

      It was great. We both remembered that there are multiple benefits for both of us. Loved the ropes. I have missed them. Dragon may finally be getting on his feet again.

  2. Glad both yourneeds were met.