Saturday, July 16, 2016

Road Rage

Yep, I have an issue with road rage.  Just a small one but if people wouldn't drive like F@$#ing idiots....

I was driving home from the mall.  A truck flew up on my bumper, flashed his lights, whipped around me and nearly clipping my bumper.

Traffic was heavy.  It was 4:30 and already traffic on the toll road was stopped.  The service road was moving slowly.

That fool scared the crap out of me and I let everyone in the car know.

"F@$#ing idiot! Did you see that? F@$#er needs to learn how to f@$#ing drive. "

A little overboard?  Did I mention that Dragon was on speaker phone? How about this part, it has become a habit.

He threatened to spank my backside!  Lectured me right then and there!  Here I am trying to navigate city traffic getting lectured!  Yipes.

I should have accepted the punishment. After all I did deserve it.  Road Rage and cussing are both against the rules. Somehow I managed to talk my way out of it.

Now I am dealing with guilt....

So is life


  1. Ooo, lucky girl that you talked him out of it, there's none of that here, oh, I can try, but it gets me nowhere, bc my hoh knows that it would be way worse for me with the guilt than a good hard thrashing that will clean the slate and allow life to go on.

    1. Welcome! I am always allowed to appeal. No whining though.

  2. Different circumstances same results here this weekend. We were heading out for a cottage weekend with friends we see once a year. The laundry detergent has shaken its way off of the washer onto the floor, spilling everywhere. " OH for F*cksakes!!!" . Oh look my husband magically appeared! LOL. Fortunately I did talk him out of it, for various reasons. I was happy because I had my make up and hair done(well in a braid). Do I feel guilt? Not so much guilt but maybe like I chipped away a tad at his position.

    Oh well damage is done. Time to talk about it or move on (in our case at least).

    1. It is always a relief for me. We deal with the guilt during weekly sessions. Not nearly as intense.